Total Basset Case: Planning for Better Beginnings

Aug 22, 2016

Planning for Better Beginnings

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Anyone that knows me knows that by nature, I am a planner.  Heck it's what I do for my day job so you could say it is ingrained in me.
I plan a lot of things from meals to outfits to arrangements and now all things baby.
While it may be early I am already trying to think through and planning feeding our baby when I am not available (ie catching some zzz's, showering, Targeting, etc.).  
Mister is more than willing to help do whatever he can (he's the best) but obviously he can't always feed Little Mister the way I can.   But we are hoping that I am able to pump enough so that he can feed him when I can't.  And you know there is always formula and he can definitely assist with that as well. 

In order for Mister (or anyone else) to properly feed Little Mister we need to have efficient and easy to use bottles that suit his needs the best.
We all know that Target is the go to for everything in life so it is no wonder it is the place for all things baby and baby registry for me.   While thinking ahead/planning/scoping out the bottle section of the baby aisles, I spotted Playtex Baby™ VentAire® bottles.  
 First and foremost it caught my mama's eye that these bottles have an anti colic vent bottom.  This bottom keeps the air at the back of the bottle so that no air is mixing with the milk and adding extra bubbles to Little Mister's belly.  Happy belly = happy baby and happy mama.
If anti colic wasn't enough, the semi upright feeding position of the bottle aides in lessening ear infections as well.  
Because we will be switching back and forth between nursing and bottle feeding,
The Most Like Mom® NaturaLatch® Nipple mimics the breast and encourages an easy transition between the two. 
 Along with using bottles that help Mister feed our little one with ease, I also need to think through where we will be keeping our bottles and feeding paraphernalia.   So I've been told that when a baby wants to eat, he wants to eat ;)
 I want to make sure that Mister, friends and family to the bottles and accessories quickly and efficiently is a top priority.  While redesigning our kitchen it was in the back of my mind that I needed to keep some open drawer space for baby related things.  Thankfully we have a big ol drawer in the island that is just asking to hold baby bottles.  
 All I have to do is say if you are standing between the stove and the island, simply open the bottom left drawer and snag a bottle.  Then all you need to do is turn to your left, take half a step and you'll be at the sink and able to add water, if necessary.  
 Or turn to your right and take a step and grab milk out of the fridge or freezer.  
Easy peasy! 

Thankfully for all you mamas, mamas to be and friends/family attending upcoming bridal showers, Target is offering a fabulous Cartwheel deal on Playtex bottles now through 9/3.  I use Cartwheel for every single item I can and these are no exception.

 Any tips from fellow mamas on how to make this process go as smooth as possible?


The Lady Okie said...

These look interesting! We just did the Dr Brown's bottles because those are the only ones I had heard of and they worked good for us, but now I'm seeing there are so many different types of bottles!

Kait said...

Your photos look so bright and colorful! LOVE IT!