Total Basset Case: The Last 10 Photos on my Phone

Aug 16, 2016

The Last 10 Photos on my Phone

Before we get started, I will 100% admit I am stealing this idea from Kait and Anne.
But it is just too good not to steal.  I mean who does not like to be nosy and see what gems other people have hiding on their phone.  I know I sure do!
Shockingly there is a lot of Floyd on mine.

1.  Graeters recently hosted doggie night out and we took Floyd for some ice cream.  Mister had to hold his ears back so they didn't get all messy.  #highmaintenance 

2.  My college besties and I have a fabulous group chat and every few days we make a call for 'live shots' and everyone has to stop and send a photo of what they are doing right that moment.    I love these and love how it keeps us all connected throughout the day.  In this particular one, I was waiting on a friend for lunch.

3.  These were a very necessary purchase.

4.  Top Golfin it.  A few more weeks and it may be a little harder to swing around that belly.  

5.  Last week we took Floyd on a extra evening walk...he was too hot and tired for words afterwards.  It's a good thing our hallway isn't smaller.

6.  I had one (possibly) final run/walk the other night, more on that later...  
Floyd is always the best welcome home committee.

7.  Recently Floyd has been more protective of me on walks and out in public.  Over the weekend while we were the only ones up, he climbed up in my lap and snuggled with me (and Little Mister).  It was very sweet, he doesn't do that often.

8.  I passed on this print but had sent it to Mister as a contender for Little Mister's room.

9.  We were home over the weekend and that always really exhausts Floyd.  We all passed out for a Sunday afternoon nap though Floyd extended his about 3 hours longer than we did.

10.  My mama whipped up this beautiful banana pudding over the weekend for us to take to Mister's family reunion.  I splurged and it was definitely as good as it looks.


Unknown said...

Apparently, there is no risk of Floyd becoming a " Marathon Maniac"! We decided to take MAC (mini wire haired dachshund) and Harry for a walk the other day. Five hundred feet from the start they were "done" ... So much for the idea that dogs love to go on walks!

I love how you are both embracing this new adventure in your lives .. It is truly an amazing experience ..I promise you there is simply no greater day than the day you become Mommy and Daddy ! Best natural high ever! ❤️

Lauren said...

I love these posts too. And holding his ears back for ice cream! Dying :)

Anne said...

Yes, so fun to see posts like this! I love it almost as much as tiny baby flip flops. Ahhh!

Kait said...

I love this post prompt and I will always stop and read it! That banana pudding looks AMAZING!

Edye Nicole said...

Love this post idea! That banana pudding looks so yummy :)

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