Total Basset Case: Santa Came to Town

Dec 20, 2016

Santa Came to Town

It is a shock to no one that I love love love Christmas.  
With that, everyone has said how even MORE magical Christmas is with kids.
Well, they're right!

Because of Little Mister's early-ness we are quarantined to the house for quite a while so that means no visits to see Santa this year.
Obviously, his health and safety is of our foremost concern and going to the mall/somewhere super crowded is out of the question.

Well, Mister knew how upset I was about this and decided to take matters into his own Christmas hands. 
(I can NOT with his face in this photo, dead)

 He reached out to some friends with this dilemma and was able to borrow a Santa suit and surprised Little Mister and I both over the weekend.
He told me he had a surprise downstairs for Little Mister's 3 month birthday (update coming soon!) that he needed to 'get together'.  Little did I know what that meant.   
A few minutes later I heard  'ho ho ho' coming up the stairs and turned around and Santa himself was in our house!
 I have never laughed and cried so hard at the same time.
Seeing Mister as Santa was 1. so funny and 2. incredibly sweet
 Thankfully Little Mister was not phased by this jolly man in a beard and I was able to snap about one million photos.
To say my Christmas was made is an understatement. 


Anne said...

Okay, I just cried a little. What a sweet gesture, and what a bunch of hysterical and adorable photos you have for keeps :) I especially love the double beard look he's got going in some of them. HA!

Courtney said...

This is so sweet and such a special way to celebrate the babe's first Christmas!

Lauren said...

Seriously, tearing up. What a sweet man! I'm so glad you got your pictures

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

That is SO sweet and adorable!!! Ahhh! What a great dad and hubby he is. :)

Domesticable said...

Little misterd face!!!!! Hahaha. Love it merry christmas!

Unknown said...

OK. Thank you for MAKING my Christmas! I have not had such a belly laugh in a long time. �� If the sweetness of Santa was not enough, Little Mister's expressions of indifference are hysterical! What a lovely lifetime memory you all created. Merry Christmas to your precious and priceless family. ��

Erin LFF said...

So SOO sweet of your Mister!! I love these pictures and know you'll cherish them forever! Cannot believe how big little guy is- he's so cute Sarah!!

Ashley Robyn said...

I absolutely love that he did this for you and sweet baby boy. What a special memory you will have forever.