Total Basset Case: Cleaning Up the Holiday Mess

Jan 9, 2017

Cleaning Up the Holiday Mess

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I am, by nature, a VERY messy cook.  I somehow manage to get every single bowl, measuring cup, 74 knives and utensil we have out and dirty whenever I am cooking anything.  It drives Mister nuts but I am not really sure it is changing anytime soon.  Plus he gets yummy meals and treats out of it so its a win for him!

Ironically, I HATE a sink full of dishes.  It is one of the things in life that gives me severe anxiety.  I can basically do nothing until my sink is clear of dishes.  A clear and clean sink really makes my heart pitter patter.

It is my tendency to throw whatever will go, into the dishwasher.  However there are times when this just isn't an option. Maybe the dishwasher is already running or you're working with nonstick pots and pans that can't go in there or maybe you are in the midst of a cooking spree and there isn't time for the dishwasher.
This seems to always be the case during holiday cooking and baking.  It is the time I seem to be using the most utensils and bowls while also needing them clean immediately for the next dish I am whipping up.
This sure was the case when my mom and I were cooking our Christmas brunch feast.  Thankfully my mama was here to help clean up behind me when I was throwing flour and butter everywhere making biscuits.  Mamas are the best ;)
I also had another helpful hand in the kitchen to help me clean up.

On one of my million trips to Kroger for ingredients to prepare for Christmas brunch I spotted these Scotch-Brite® Scrubbing Dish Cloth and snatched a couple up.
 I already knew that we would be making a mess with all the extra cooking we were doing and need a little extra help cleaning up.  It seems like holiday feasts manage to create the biggest messes. Or is that just me?
  The Scotch-Brite® Scrubbing Dish Cloth was a true lifesaver for my messiness!  Mama and I both gave them double thumbs up for saving the kitchen and cleaning up our holiday messes.

Along with keeping our dishes and sink area clean, it is imperative that all areas and surfaces of our kitchen are 100% clean and sanitary at all times.  Little Mister's immune system is not quite what other babies is and we are constantly on a mission to keep things very clean and sanitary in order to keep him healthy.  We are always washing up bottles and bottling up milk and the surfaces and items we work with have to be in tip top cleanliness at all times.  Whether we are in the midst of a holiday cooking/baking spree or not.  

To keep our kitchen, dishes and surfaces as clean as possible I have religiously adopted a few easy steps:

1.  Throw it all in the sink.  I know I know I said I HATE dishes in the sink but the first step for me is to corral everything that needs washed together.  Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you're done washing, empty out your soapy water to find 2 more bowls sitting out.

2.  Use a dish soap you trust.  I love using Method dish soap because I feel it works very well, its not full of a bunch of junk and the bottle is cute :)

3.  Use a dish cloth that really gets the grime off.  For me, that's Scotch-Brite® Scrubbing Dish Cloth.  These dish cloths have the power of a high quality dish cloth combined with Scotch-Brite® scrubbing dots. Win win.

4.  Wash and dry.  Thankfully the Scotch-Brite® Scrubbing Dish Clothcome in packs of 2 so you can use one cloth to easily wash away the grime and stuck on messes and then use the other to dry so your dishes are ready for when you need them next.

These steps in combination with cleaning up during and after cooking, means we are doing a lot of dishes and wiping our counters down frequently.  The scrubbing dots on one side really allow me to scrub dishes clean in the sink and also clean the counters all in one.  And if they could get any better, they are also fully washable and reusable.  Those are the things in life that I need to make my day easier! 

The Scotch-Brite® Scrubbing Dish Cloth really fits the bill for this and I am so glad I picked them up Kroger.  Lucky for you, you can pick them up too and utilize the In-Store Clip Strip Offer for $1.50 off 2-pack promo starting in January!  
To learn more about these amazing dish cloths, check them out here! You can also check out on Facebook and Twitter


Kait said...

Oh definitely pinned this for later! Our dishwasher is out at the moment so any tips and tricks for keeping my kitchen clean and my sanity in tact..I'm all for! I can never get enough of your tile backsplash!

Unknown said...

Great tips for getting the dishes done! {client}