Total Basset Case: Four Months

Jan 30, 2017

Four Months

Four months already!  Can NOT believe it.
The rate in which Little Mister grows and changes from month to month and day to day is just fascinating.  
He likes: still milk, all the milk, lights and motion.  He still LOVES to look outside.  He has discovered various patterns in our house from stripes on the wall to air registers and really enjoys staring at those.  
In his nursery tour I mentioned this hippo and it's magical powers.  It plays lullabies, nursery rhymes or nature sounds while projecting stars on the ceiling.  It is on a timer and if the baby cries after the timer goes off, the sound turns back on and puts him back to sleep.  It is great! A few of my friends that are mamas have already ordered one for their babies, it is totally worth it!  
He does not like: being hungry longer than he thinks is acceptable and being overheated.
Last week I put his coat on him to run a very quick errand and as soon as I put him in his car seat he got extremely agitated and started screaming and crying.  I took him out of his car seat and he had immediately gotten very hot and sweaty.  I took his coat off and helped him calm down.  A while later I noticed he had all these tiny purple pin prick dots around his hair line and jawline.  I called the doctor and told them I thought he had some sort of rash and they had an opening so we went in to get it checked out.
After a lot of questions and telling the doctor about how he had gotten SO agitated over being too hot, he determined that he got so mad that he burst some blood vessels and that is what caused the breakout...DRAMA
So that being said, he REALLY doesn't like being hot and he will surely tell you about it!

Babiators- possibly the best gift EVER 

In the cuteness department LM has really upped his cooing, little babbles, SMILES and laughs.  We just burst with happiness when he does any of these things.  He also continues to 'coo' after he sneezes and it is so adorable.  He has started to find his hands but his wubanubbs are still his favorite things.
As of last week he was 13lbs 6.5oz! Growing boy!!
We have had a couple nights that he's slept through the night and that makes everyone in our house happy.  He still isn't consistent every night but if he doesn't go all night, he usually goes at least 4 before waking up hungry.


Anne said...

Ahhh baby sunglasses (and smiles and sleep-through-the-nights) are just the best! I remember those exact same dislikes from Hendrik - and I guess Little Mister really will make his voice heard... just wait till he's a toddler ;-)

Erin LFF said...

Those babiavators are FANTASTIC! I want some for T!! Haha- hoping you continue to get more and more sleeps through the night. Life changing, for sure! ;)

Kait said...

His two month photo is still my favorite of all time!

Katie said...

Ohmygosh! Those glasses are too cute

Ashley Robyn said...

Sweet baby boy! He's growing like a weed...a very precious one!! I love these little updates and am taking your advice on the hippo!!! I will take all the momma advice I can get as we prepare for little miss's arrival!

Unknown said...

What is not to love ❤️ ❗. He is super cool in his aviators, but also LOOK at his baby hands! Look at those dimples!