Total Basset Case: Precious

Jan 17, 2017


Even though we have approximately 100 million photos of Little Mister, we knew we still wanted professional photos taken.
Thankfully, one of our good friends takes fabulous photos.

Janie has taken photos for almost all of the big events in our life. 
She secretly shot our engagement (Mister set that up and gave me the photos right before our wedding ceremony #tears), our engagement/save the date photos and maybe most importantly, all of Floyd's puppy photos.  
We knew from the beginning we wanted her to take Little Mister's newborn photos once he was home.
She was sweet enough to come to us from out of town and worked her magic!
I am obsessed with every last one of these.
Now I just need to decide which ones to print, blow up to an obnoxious size and frame all over our home.
These were taken about a month ago and he is already so much bigger!
Would monthly professional photos be too crazy...?
This one is my FAVORITE
I was not quite ready to have my photo taken but me oh my do I treasure this photo of us.


Anne said...

Oh my heart. Just when you think he can't get cuter, he's in yellow stripes!

Love how these turned out! And if you're looking for a good way to display, I've ordered several of the wrapped canvas things from Photobucket and have been happy with them - best of all they have some crazy good sales (like 70% off sometimes).

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

The pictures are all adorable but that last one... SO PRECIOUS! <3

Unknown said...

I have a friend who DID have her baby's pic taken every month for the first year or two. That was back in the days when Penney's had a photographer there one day per month and you could get a very economical package price. She said you could compare and really see how he had changed. I love the thing that you are doing, taking his pic with the age label, though.

mrsv2010 said...

I love these pictures! I did newborn pictures in October, but now he is 3.5 months old, so he is definitely due for more lol.

Erin LFF said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!!! :) :) :) I vote to print them big as possible!

Laura Darling said...

How can you pick just one? I say print them all!! He is so cute! That photo with his little hand under his head is precious.