Total Basset Case: 6 Months

Mar 21, 2017

6 Months

How in THE world has LM been in our life for half a year already?!
Where did that time go?!
I think somewhere between one million kisses a day and lots and lots of snuggles.
I know every parent says it but time just goes so quickly, it is hard to grasp it.
This past month has brought us a lot of fun with LM.  We have ventured out a little more and he is becoming so fun and interactive.  He still really, really likes to kick his legs at all moments and still has no interest in rolling over.  Clearly he's always been on his own schedule.  He has been babbling, giggling and LAUGHING more and more.  His laugh is literally the greatest thing I've ever heard.  The same things don't make him laugh every day so it's hard to catch those giggles but when we do it lights up our life.  
 We borrowed an exersaucer from some friends this past weekend and he loves it! You can see the best video ever here.  
 He is becoming more and more interested in toys every day and it's so fun to see what makes him smile and what he loves to shake around.  These rattles are a big favorite, his grasp is great!

We went for his 6 month check up and he is weighing in at 15lbs and 11oz and 25.75" long!
Around 5 months we started purees and so far he seems to like just about everything but peas. 
We recently picked up this chair and he really likes it! It's perfect for testing out more and more foods. 
He's taking 5 6oz bottles a day and sometimes a small bottle before bed. 
Those chubby toes! 

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