Total Basset Case: 8 Months

May 19, 2017

8 Months

I'm not sure who let our little boy go and grow up to 8 months old but someone sure did!
I will sort of let it slide because we can see him change and grow and become his own little man every day.

I'm going to stop apologizing for not blogging as much and just chalk it up to this season of life.  I'm hoping I can squeeze more into sometime soon.  
In the mean's what's going on with LM.
Currently he loves eating purees, we've moved on to blends and he really enjoys them.  Ever seen a baby bird eat?  It looks a lot like that.  He loves pear/pineapple, berry blends and carrots/peas/spinach. 
He loves to be on the move, whether in the car or stroller, any sort of motion knocks him right out.  We've taken a few runs in the jogging stroller and I love being able to take him with me and get a little extra workout in (holy arm workout).
He's definitely been noticing Floyd more often, he smiles at him and follows him around the room.  He LIGHTS up when Papa comes in the room and has been a smiling fool lately. 
 I will definitely have a post about this but 7/8 months also marks introducing formula and the end of Mama pumping...knock on wood, he hasn't skipped a beat and I'm a little more sane.  Fingers crossed all continues to go well!
 On his 8 month birthday he decided it was time to sit unassisted for a little bit and now when on his belly he gets those frog legs going and scooting backwards!  He is on the move!

We know he's approximately 17 1/2lbs because we had our first trip to Urgent Care the day before Mother's Day.  All is fine but we were on a walk and I was wearing him in the Baby Bjorn, tripped on the sidewalk and we took a tumble.  Thankfully he cried immediately and I took the brunt of the fall but it scared us all (#momguilt to the max).  But also made us incredibly thankful once again for the amazing medical services we have here. 
(these photo shoots are getting more difficult...)
There aren't too many things he doesn't like right now.  He hates most nights between 9-9:30, to have his nose wiped and being hot (we've been rocking shorts for a while) but otherwise he's a sweet boy!


Unknown said...

Every time I read your posts, i am overcome by the pure joy I hear in your voice ! He is thriving with the love and wonderful care you give him everyday. Hugs to you all and Mr Floyd!

Anne said...

Such a sweet boy! I love hearing how he's doing, in the absence of actually getting to meet him and his smiling face.

Kait said...

My sweet little angel! I love you Grant!