Total Basset Case: First Family Vacation!

Jun 19, 2017

First Family Vacation!

Last week we took our first family vacation up to North Eastern Ohio and it was SO fun!
Our sitter was on vacation so we decided it was as good as time as any to pack up and head out of town for a few days.
Our main objective was to get to a little bit of water but also not be in the car for too long because we weren't sure how LM would do.
Thankfully we are less than 4 hours from Lake Erie so that is where we landed!
We stayed in Port Clinton, Ohio and we very centrally located to Catawba Island, Kelley's Island a Put In Bay.  

Neither Mister nor I had ever been up to Lake Erie so we did a bit of research before we went and talked to some friends that knew the area to get some ideas of things to do.  We also left our agenda open to be able to do whatever we wanted and adapt to LM's needs.  

We packed up the car Monday morning and hit the road!  LM was a CHAMP in the car and slept the entire time.  Mister and I listened to The Magnolia book and if we didn't love Chip and Joanna enough before, we are full on obsessed now.  We just love them.  
We pulled right into town and had lunch at a cute spot on the water.
We settled into the hotel and LM was thrilled to have a big ol bed to play on.
 Later that afternoon we took the ferry over to Kelley's Island.  It was adorable!  It is teeny tiny island but oh so cute and a great little afternoon trip.  
 We found a little beach to walk onto and dipped LM's toes in the sand and the water, he seemed to love it!

Tuesday we woke up slowly (LM slept until after 8!) and we took a BIG ol ferry over to Put In Bay.  We've heard many stories that PIB is party city but mid June in the middle of week and the middle of the day it was totally calm and pretty.  We took LM to a park we found and he had his first big swing on a swing set (don't worry I took approximately 1000 photos).  
We had another water side lunch and LM had his lunch reclined in his stroller in a park...rough life! 
Funny story, we forgot one part of his bottles and didn't realize it until we were already on the island.  Mister and I stood and looked at each other for a good 60 seconds like what in THE heck do we do?!  Thankfully we managed to find a hole in the wall grocery and they had ONE bottle there and I snagged it up and we were good to go!  Adventures in parenting! 
That evening we strolled around Lakeside, walked out on the pier and took in the beautiful weather.  
 LM also had his dinner in a park that night...vacation rules!

Though our trip was short it was perfect and we loved experiencing so many firsts with LM!


Anne said...

So fun! Sounds like you did the perfect type of planning (and expectation managing - ha!) for a trip with a little mister of this age. And combining the memory of his first swing with his first vacation? You'll never forget it :)

Kait said...

Isn't that Magnolia book good?! I also fell in love with it. I am SO looking forward to seeing you guys this winter :) XO Glad you had a fun family vaca!

Erin LFF said...

So many cute photos!! Lake Erie is so nice, but I haven't been up there in years! Maybe we should try that sometime with T :)