Total Basset Case: Awkward and Awesomes!

Mar 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesomes!

This week was FULL of awesomes! And most of them stemmed from our amazing weekend in Chicago!

  • Last week Sydney posted this: - Minding your own business in the shower, just washin your hair and suddenly looking up to discover two little eyes peering at you from over the curtain. Less awkward and more pee-your-pants creepy. It's about time I got him.  No joke, Blake recently did this to me also.  It's more than awkward, it's downright scary.
  • This really short shirt phase that's going on.  We went shopping at H&M over the weekend and it is just not working for us long torso ladies.
  • The super random guy that had the audacity to ask Margaret to buy him a drink
  • Floyd's sass.  He has really been turning it on lately. 
  • The transformation that is going on in our kitchen right to come soon! I know the suspense is killing you!
  • Last weekend! I've already gushed about how wonderful it was so no need to recap but it definitely needs to be included in the awesomes
  • Spring is coming!
  • Even better, spring fashion has arrived!!
  • This adorable little man and his parents are coming to see us this weekend! 
  • Working out in the morning before work. It may be changing my life.
  • This that my good friend Luke sent me
  • And finally, these beautiful ladies are beyond awesome

How's your week?

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