Total Basset Case: Fabric Scrap Headband

Mar 8, 2011

Fabric Scrap Headband

I saw this super easy craft over at Craft Snob and I knew I had to try it! Turns out, it was super, duper easy and so cute! And since making my first one, I can already think of multiple variations that I want to try.
Craft Snob's directions are very easy to follow and I basically made my the exact same way.

1. I had the Mister measure my head and subtract 2 inches (you could probably even subtract 3 if you are using jersey fabric like I did)
2. Cut out a strip of fabric (I just used an old t-shirt)...mine was about 18 1/2" and I made mine a little wider than hers- about 2" wide.
3. Turn the fabric over, create a hem and sew the edges together
4. Then I changed it up a little and made my pom pom flowers and attached those

Now that I've worn it, I think next time Ill make the t-shirt flowers to dress it down a little.  I used some shiner and glittery fabrics and I think they are a little dressy next to the t-shirt material.  My other thought was that you could make the flowers, attach them to felt and add a safety pin to the back of the flower bunch.  That way you could switch out different color fabrics for different outfits! The options are endless!! :)

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions! Or if anyone wants one of their own, Id be glad to make a custom one!


Unknown said... i neeeed one :)

Sarah said...

What colors do you want? Whats your head size? :)