Total Basset Case: Awkward and Awesomes!

Apr 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesomes!

  • Walking into the bathroom and there's a boy in there...errr, turn around?
  • Getting dressed at the gym and realizing that the only shirt I brought to wear to work has a hole in it.
  • Have you ever been really, really tired and in a really, really, really deep sleep and dreamed that you were going to the bathroom...Just taking a poll.
  • Blake keeps eating the treats I make for Floyd...
  • Saving 34% on groceries. Score!
  • Seeing how happy Floyd was at the dog park. Makes my heart happy. 
  • Two different dinners planned with friends this weekend
  • Bethany is running a triathlon this weekend.  She's awesome!
  • My flowers are growing! to come
  • Scheduling fun day trips for our vacation
  • Being able to eat dinner outside
How's your week been??

P.S. I changed the comments section so anyone can leave comments, you don't need a gmail, etc. account! Yay!

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