Total Basset Case: Get Excited

Apr 14, 2011

Get Excited

So we all know that I kinda, really, a whole lot, LOVE the PW.  I tell the Mister all the time that I'm convinced that her and I could be best friends.  I know (for an almost fact) that when we met her she wanted to just hang out with me all night.  You can totally tell from her expression in this picture.  You can see it in her eyes, "Oh, Sarah, you are SO awesome, please let's be bff's with our bassets."
Well, things are about to get really exciting.  Bethany texted me earlier today to inform me that soon she's going to have a show on the Food Network!!! Broadcasting from The Ranch, dogs and all.

I. Die.

I don't know when it's starting yet and this article doesn't say but you can bet your cowboy boots there will be a viewing party (complete with PW recipes) at our house.

What do you think the chances are of Charlie and Walter having their own spinoff show?

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