Total Basset Case: Florida Vacation Recap: The Food (Part 2)

May 23, 2011

Florida Vacation Recap: The Food (Part 2)

We had a lot of delicious food on our vacation.  So much, in fact, I felt it deserved it's own post.
On Tuesday we spent the day and night at Blue Springs State Park.  The park is home to a natural spring that it is at a consistent 72 degrees all year round.  We swam up and down the spring but, oh my was it cold! The spring is also home to large quantities of manatees during the winter months.

That night Mike fried up some delicious fish for us! We had fried shark, sea bass and gator (!).  Everything was very yummy, even the gator! Mike marinated the gator in hot sauce and milk then breaded and fried them.  The other fish was also breaded and fried and we had it on sandwiches.

The next night was the one that I had been anxiously waiting for...the crab boil!! I've heard many stories of how delicious Mike's boils are and the rumors were true.  It was SO. GOOD. 


The boil consisted of all the normal fixins': sausage, corn, mushrooms and potatoes.  Mike also included rock shrimp, snow crab and king crab legs.  We were all pretty convinced that he had made too much crab for 4 people.  Well, apparently we were set out to prove ourselves wrong! I think almost every last bit was gobbled up.


We also had delicious appetizers at Mai Tai's, yummy burgers at the Turtle Shack and more fish sandwiches at Down the Hatch. 

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