Total Basset Case: Florida Vacation Recap (Part 1)

May 22, 2011

Florida Vacation Recap (Part 1)

First off I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the lovely ladies who filled in for me while I was gone...Sarah, Elise and Bethany did a fantastic job! Thanks again!!

The Mister and I spent the week in Ponce Inlet, Florida, which is just outside of Daytona.  We were fortunate enough to stay with a good friends of ours, Mike and Sarah.  Mike and the Mister have been bff's for a very long time and Mike and I used to be neighbors growing up.  Mike and Sarah were wonderful hosts and we can't wait to go back!

Overall we had a fabulous and delicious trip!! Getting there was a little rocky...may have had something to do with flying on Friday the 13th.  We were super delayed leaving Cincinnati and therefore missed our connection in Atlanta.  We ended up having to stay in Atlanta over night (on Delta's dollar) and ended up getting in Daytona about half a day late.  Other than that, the trip went off without a hitch! Even with flying back on the day the world was supposed to end, ha!

Here are some shots from the trip...I have to give Mister credit for the majority of these pictures, didn't he do a great job??

Crawfish festival in downtown Daytona

On Sunday we headed up to St. Augustine and spent the night there.  St. Augustine is a very beautiful and old city.  I loved looking at all of the architecture and taking in all of the sights.  That night we took a 'Creepy Crawling Pub Crawl', it was interesting, to say the least! We had a lot of yummy food and sangria in St. Augustine and I would love to go back and explore some more!

On Monday we went to the Daytona Cubs baseball game.  It was 'Belly Buster Monday' which meant we paid $11 and were able to get into the game AND eat all that we could from their sponsored vendors! Double score!
P.S. I picked up those earrings in St. Augustine and I am beyond obsessed and it didn't hurt that they were only $6.

The last night we were there we had dinner at Mike and Sarah's favorite local place, Down the Hatch.  Somehow we all managed to order the same meal but that was quite alright because it was delicious! It was my first adventure with trigger fish but I can now say that I'm a fan!

That's our trip in a nutshell! We had some really interesting and yummy food adventures on the trip so I want to devote an entire post to those.  I'll be back tomorrow with those may or may not include gator....

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Michelle @ Ten June said...

Aw, these pictures are adorable!! You guys are so cute. And I love St. Augustine! So much history. Wishing I were on the beach right now!!! Glad ya'll had fun : )

Sarah North said...

I'm glad you had a great trip! You deserve it!