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May 3, 2011

Miss Selby's Soap

I recently had the opportunity to try out Miss Selby's Soaps.  Miss Selby is a local woman who makes her own homemade and natural soaps out of her home.  She started making these soaps after researching how using natural cleaning products would be beneficial to her family and eventually this change helped ward off sicknesses within their home.

I was lucky enough to test out four different varieties of these soaps.  Let me tell you, these soaps are great! The smell of the soaps is incredibly refreshing, they are silky smooth to the touch and the rippled way in which they are cut is like a mini massage while washing your hands.
Each of the varieties are very unique combinations and fragrances; there is no way I could choose a favorite!
The ones I had the chance to try out were: 'Rock My World', 'Peppermint', 'Hazelnut and Coffee', and 'Green Tea and Ginger'. According to Miss Selby's site, the Green Tea and Ginger variety is described as, "brisk earthy green tea topped with spicy and clean ginger." while the 'Rock My World', is "a funky-fun fragrance with sweet fruity notes that will sizzle your senses."

In addition to her soaps, Miss Selby also sells bath bombs, soaks and scrubs, and liquid soap.  How adorable are these cupcake bath bombs? These will definitely be an addition to my next gift basket. 
Photo courtesy of Miss Selbys Soaps
Miss Selby also has a facebook page; please head over there 'like' her page for the newest updates, specials, and events where you can purchase Miss Selby products!

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