Total Basset Case: Awkward and Awesomes!

Jun 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesomes!

  • I was walking Sophie (my mom's dog) and this man drove by v e r y slowly and stopped.  He said hello to me, 'can you catch her?' I replied, 'oh, she won't run.' thinking he thought she would run in front of his car.  He said, 'no, that's our neighbor's dog, can you pick her up?' 'No, sir, this is MY dog.'  Strange looks ensued.  He definitely didn't believe me.  
  • Still can't find this dress anywhere.  #drivngmeinsane
  • Try to search for clothes on anyone else think it is not well organized??
  • My mani/pedi taking almost 2 hours and not being very good. Burghh. 

  • Getting surprise packages in the mail! Thanks Aunt Denise!!
  • Relaxing evening walks with the Mister and Floyd
  • Mister and I's date night plans for this weekend
  • Finding a stash of craft project materials at my mom's house
  • Trying on my high school prom dresses...and THEY FIT! (It's the little successes in life that matter, ha!)
  • Taking Floyd to Bass Pro Shop with funny to see him in a store.  And the man that told us he looked like a greyhound bus! 
  • Mini bags of chips from Chipotle. So adorable and prevents me from eating the wholllle big bag by myself. (not that that has ever happened though...)

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