Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd: Going Shopping

Jun 17, 2011

Fridays with Floyd: Going Shopping

The Mister and I always talk about how life would be more enjoyable and easier if we could take Floyd everywhere with us.  I'm sure the people at Target would love him and I know he would be a hit at Best Buy.  However, my places do not agree with us.

But...Bass Pro Shop does!!

Last weekend we loaded everyone into the car and headed to Bass Pro.  It was mine and Floyd's first trip to the store.  He loved it and seemed to be exhausted by the whole 'shopping experience'.

We have been talking about taking him to the lake with us this summer when we go visit the Beckers.  Even though he is learning to swim in his new pool, we know the lake is a whole different ballgame for this short legged, dense boned boy.

Soooo...just to be on the safe side, he needs a life jacket.

I think yellow could be his color, don't you?

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Sarah North said...

yes!! Floyd needs that!

Bethany said...

LOVE it! Now he can swim with Sid!

The Beckers said...

Loookin' great, Floyd! Jack is pumped to swim with you at the lake!

natasha {schue love} said...

Awww Floyd is just the cutest! Hope he has fun swimming!

Kate said...

Haha that's so cute. My dog had a life jacket when she was a puppy before she could swim that well. Good luck in the lake Floyd!