Total Basset Case: Awkward and Awesomes! And a birthday!

Jul 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesomes! And a birthday!

  • Middle of nowhere restaurant/gas stations on road trips.  Walking into said establishment searching for the restroom and everyone stops talking and eating and stares at you.  It was like a scene out of a movie.
  • Again, attempting to use the restroom and the woman before you didn't lock the door.
  • A bug flying down my shirt...while I was in Meijer.  Yes, I got it out...right there in the card aisle. 
  • The little kids on our street that have set up shop in their driveway playing the drums.  You know their mother said, 'yes, I will buy you drums but they can ONLY be played outside!'
  • This description of queso...
  • The Becker's are having a girl!! 
  • Seeing my girl Maggie so soon! 
  • My mama! She's just plain awesome but it's also her birthday!!H
Here are some of my favorite pictures with her!

Happy birthday, Mom!! I loooove you!

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The Beckers said...

Ohhhhh - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mrs. Swann! Enjoy your day!

Jan Swann said...

Thank you Sarah for the birthday tribute! I am thankful to have such a wonderful daughter! Love you, Mom

Leigh said...

sounds like a great day! and happy happy birthday to your mom!!!! :)