Total Basset Case: Chop Chop

Jul 20, 2011

Chop Chop

This is earth shattering news that I know you have all been dying to know...
I've decided to cut my hair.  I know, I know, you have all been in suspense. 

I made an appointment for Friday for the big chop.  I'm thinking shoulder length.
I've gathered a few photos (who doesn't do that?) I have a feeling stylists actually hate when we do that but a picture just explains it so much better than I can.

I really love this one but it's a little shorter than I think I can handle and I'm not sure my hair is thick enough.  

 Jen does no wrong in the hair world. 

 This is probably a reasonable length.

 I would die for a big swooping bang.  Dang you, cowlick!

I've had shoulder length hair before but it has been awhile and I am ready for a change!  I am nervous but excited for the new 'do! I really love the girl that cuts my hair, Jessica, and I will probably let her make the decision on which is the best cut.

So which one is your favorite?

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Haley{PairsandPours} said...

fun! I am getting my hair cut today and was debating cutting it all off as well. I think I am too much of a chicken though :)

Whitney Jay said...

I once cut off ALL of my hair, like a boy, and I came in with probably 16 pictures, I had the "these are good/chic" pile and the "this looks like a mom/bad" pile. I love all of these haircuts, but I think Jenny McArthy's length/cut is my favorite.


Christine said...

I like the Jennifer Anniston/Jessica Simpson for you!

Monica and Whitney said...

I love the Jessica Simpson look! Bring that pic!

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