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Jul 19, 2011

Weekend Wrapup: Lake Weekend

This past weekend we headed up north and spent time with our friends, the Beckers.  You know, the ones with that adorable little man, Jack?  Although we did not get to see Jack (he was with the grandparents) we had a fabulous time with his parents at Lake George! 
Kady has a great wrap up on her blog here.

The Beckers had recently acquired a new jet ski and I don't think there was a moment when one of the 3 boys wasn't on it.  It was fun to see grown men giggling like school girls and having the best time of their life playing on the lake.

Floyd went with us and had a great time too! He got to try out his new life jacket and put it to good use in the lake.  More details (and a video!) on his swimming abilities coming up on Friday! 

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Mimi said...

i've always wanted to take a trip to a lake. i just don't know if there are any lakes near me though, haha. ;)

P.S. i have a Perricone giveaway going on right now, i hope you can join! :)

<3, Mimi