Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd: MBF No More

Sep 23, 2011

Fridays with Floyd: MBF No More

Ever since we have had Floyd, he and I have spent every Friday together.
 The Mister and I began to affectionately call these days Mama/Bud Fridays or 'MBFs'.
I looked forward to these Fridays every week.
Sure we spend the weekends with Floyd but, sometimes those are full of errands and busyness. 
 Fridays were my day to just spend one on one time with Floyd.
(Yes, I'm clearly aware I'm talking about a dog who has no idea what day of the week it is).
However, part of me thinks he at least knew there was a day a week that it was just me and him.

Now that I have started my new job, MBF's are no longer. :(
Even though I was ecstatic to learn that I had a new job, part of me was sad to not spend my Fridays with Bud anymore.  

The Mister told me that Floyd did seem a bit confused last Friday when I left for work.
And that just about broke my heart. 
But don't worry, Floyd and I talked about everything and although he's not happy about it, he understands.
I told him that if Mama works more that means she has more money to buy him jerky and peanut butter. 
That seemed to make things okay in his book.
As for me, I just try to give the little booger as much love and as many kisses as I can each evening and on the weekends. 
He seems to be handling it alright.

 Love you Bubby!!

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

OK when I saw the name of your blog I HAD to check it out - so stinkin' cute!!

I have a pup that's half basset/half pit. She has the basset eyes for sure :)

He is ADORABLE! Cute blog!!