Total Basset Case: La Poste

Sep 22, 2011

La Poste

As I said yesterday, the Mister took me to dinner last weekend to celebrate my new job.
We ventured to Clifton to try out La Poste which we had heard many good things about. 

I am a huge fan of trying new restaurants.
Actually, I am a huge fan of eating and trying out new restaurants just happens to fall into that same category.
Because we had heard such great reviews on La Poste I was thrilled to try it out.
Besides, who doesn't love a good date night?

As soon as we walked in the door, a waiter whizzed past us carrying a delicious looking burger.
The Mister was immediately sold.

La Poste has a unique 'postal' theme going on throughout their space.
It is a very subtle but also unique while giving the space character.
The napkins are folded like letters (which I thought was adorable) and the bill is presented in a small manila envelope. 
The menu is divided up into sections such as: postage and salutation. 

As I said, the Mister went with the burger and the pommes frites.
I decided to go with the mushroom ravioli.
We ended our meal with the (delicious) apple and pear crisp.
We were too busy devouring our (small) plates of food to remember to take any pictures. Sorry!

Overall the Mister and I gave La Poste a 78%.
The food was very good but not great.
The wait staff were nice and very knowledgeable and the atmosphere quaint.

But most importantly, we had a very nice time at our dinner together and enjoying each others company :)

We are dorks and just took pictures of one another 
rather than asking someone to take ours.

As the lady sitting next to us said when she was leaving...
'This was nice and all but, I don't think I'll be coming back.'


Michelle @ Ten June said...

Mmmm I'm on your team- I just love to eat! Especially when its food like that- sounds amazing! Congrats on the new job, by the way : )

Flor said...

I'm not very good at trying new things and I think I miss out on alot of yummy opportunites. Good for you that you at least tried this new place.. the food sounds so good! You and your husband are so cute together :)

henning love said...

congrats your new job that is exciting sarah!! looks like a yummy place, i like that the napkins are folded like letters how creative! but a night with the mister enjoying each other's company regardless of how the meal is, it always a great night in my book!

natasha {schue love} said...

Looks like a fun night out! Love date night and trying new places! :)