Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd: Watching Over the 'Hood

Sep 9, 2011

Fridays with Floyd: Watching Over the 'Hood

Floyd had taken it upon himself to become the neighborhood watch dog.
His perches on the back of our sofa and keeps on eye on his kingdom (aka our neighborhood).
He takes his job very seriously.
He will sit like this for ours on end.
Well, unless someone says the word jerky and then all bets are off.
He has single pawdly begun breaking down the cushions.
Thanks Bud.

He has his positioning down pat.
You see in this position he can be laying down AND keeping an eye on things.
Best of both worlds.
His other position is sitting more upright and one paw slung over the back.
That's the one he uses for more serious matters and when there is a whole lot going on in the neighborhood. 

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henning love said...

haha i love this photo!! because my dogs are totally the same way they sit and wait and watch. they can saty there for hours so intently watching out the window just in case something happens, your dog is too adorable

Unknown said...

This is beyond adorable, what a love he is!!!!