Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrapup: Whiffle Ball, Luncheon and Jack!

Sep 12, 2011

Weekend Wrapup: Whiffle Ball, Luncheon and Jack!

How was everyone's weekend?!
We had a GREAT weekend!
We spent it in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

For the past couple of years the Mister has ventured to Ft. Wayne to play in a charity whiffle ball tournament with his buddy Tyson.
(Tyson is this cuties Papa.)
This year I decided that Floyd and I should tag along.

The Mister's aunt Denise lives about 20 minutes from Ft. Wayne.
Once I knew we were headed that way I made plans to have lunch with her.
Let me tell you....we had the most delicious lunch!!
Goat cheese and sun dried tomato quiche, endive, blue cheese, papple (pear + apple fruit) salad and the yummiest chocolate cake ever!
Denise and I were too busy chatting the whole time and I forgot to take pictures of the food! 

We had a great time with everyone and especially our cutie pie Mister Jack.
He is getting SO big and more adorable every time we see him.
Jack and Floyd are buds and it is so cute to see them together.
(Even though Floyd ate Jack's yellow crayon--his favorite one :( ). 
They are the perfect size for one another.

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