Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd: Personal Trainer

Nov 4, 2011

Fridays with Floyd: Personal Trainer

The Mister and I always talk about how funny it would be if Floyd wore sweatbands and/or was a personal trainer.
We turned this dream into his Halloween costume.
And I think it turned out quite well.

I picked up some kids basketball shorts and a t-shirt at the thrift store.
I then cut a hole in the butt of the shorts for his tail.
I kept asking the Mister if we should cut a hole for his wee wee in case he needed to go...
he said it wasn't necessary...

Then I took an old shirt and made Floyd a headband.
(With holes for his ears, of course.)
And finally I cut up an old wash cloth, added some elastic and made his sweatbands.

All in all I think it turned out pretty well.
And it was cheap!

Speaking of a trainer...
Floyd may need one soon.
He has been eating us out of house and home lately!
I'm pretty sure he is working on his winter coat.
We have definitely noticed a weight gain...haha.
 On the plus side, it is more skin to love on :)


Jenny N said...

hahaha, oh man, that is a great idea. So cute.

katelyn w said...

Oh my god I die. Soooo cute!!!

Jamie said...

This is hilarious. I think this is the best costume I saw this year!

Wendy Mac said...

This is GREAT! Completely fits the 'basset hound' personality. Best costume I have seen this year!

Darby Hawley said...

This is hilarious Sarah! I can't stop laughing! Floyd is the best trainer!

Anonymous said...

My granddog is the best looking Basset ever!


Anonymous said...

that is the best costume ever! Floyd is sure a looker !

The Whitfields said...

Looking good Fred! That is so cute!

jhon said...

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