Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd: Photoshoot

Jan 27, 2012

Fridays with Floyd: Photoshoot

We have a very lovely friend name Janie who also happens to be a fantastic photographer.
Janie has photographed quite a few of the important moments of our life.

1. Floyd's very first photo shoot
(everyone gets puppy photos taken, right?)

2. Our engagement (in secret).  
Yep...the Mister had Janie secretly shoot our engagement
and then gave me the photos on a dvd right before our wedding.
Everyone together now...awwww :)

3. Our engagement photos

4. Floyd's second photo shoot
You read that correctly, his second photo shoot.

Isn't he handsome?

Happy weekend, friends!


pam {simple details} said...

Those puppy pictures kill me! You're all too cute! Have a great weekend!

The Whitfields said...

Floyd is just too cute for words! He looked like a little doll as a pup. Bassetts are just the cutest dogs I think!

Darby Hawley said...

Flyod is SO adorable! I just want to snuggle with him hehe You're photo friend is very talented and those secret engagement pictures are gorgeous!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

Oh my gosh, those puppy photos are precious!! :)

Jackie said...

Floyd is adorable!! I especially love the last picture. His features are so exaggerated, it's hilarious!

Wendy Mac said...

I am in LOVE with Floyd!! Love to hear about him every Friday!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

Oh my gosh baby floyd just made my heart swell!!!! So dang cute. And then those BIG droppy eyes as an pups!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Floyd is a very handsome boy! I don't see anything wrong with doggie photo shoots, Baxter the Basset Hound has his own Facebook Fan Page. :D