Total Basset Case: Painted Frames

Jan 13, 2012

Painted Frames

I have gotten a lot of requests for information for on our frame wall.
This wall makes an almost weekly appearance in my WIWW posts.
It is high time he got his own post!

Unfortunately I don't have the detailed steps of the project photographed because it was BB (before blogging).
But I will tell you what I did to achieve this look.
 First you should know that I have a small obsession with collages and that is where the idea for this wall was born. 
Secondly the wall that houses this collage is on is our tv wall 
and expands into our dining area.
It is a HUGE wall and I knew I needed something that would fill up the space nicely and I didn't want just one piece of art (and a furniture piece was an option).

To achieve this look I purchased some very cheap frames from our local St. Vincent de Paul.
I made sure to choose ones that were of varying size, shape and frame thickness. 
Most of them had prints in them that I just ripped out.
I then prepped the frames for spray paint (sanded and wiped down).
Then I broke out the spray paint and just sprayed away! (I used a small amount of gold spray paint on a few edges of a few frames just to add it a little shine.)
Once they were dry I brought them all inside and laid them on the floor in front of the wall.
I started by placing the largest one in the middle and worked out from there with the remaining frames.
I then measured down from the ceiling where I wanted the first one to be started hanging.
Easy peasy!

 I was thinking of putting one a Valentine's Day printables in one of the frames.
And I found this the other day on Pinterest and just about died.
*there is a very good link here to go with this photo on arranging frames on a wall

So there you have it!
Any questions let me know!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Amanda said...

Very cool frame wall! I don't really have any bare walls like that in my house, so I won't be creating something like this, but it looks pretty darn cool!

Darby Hawley said...

I have always look at those frames in your weekly post; love 'em!
Have a great weekend Sarah!

Hilliary Meisner said...

I love your frame wall! I used to have a frame wall like that in my first apartment! I hope when I have my own place again to do something like that! said...

Love the frame wall! You should try chalk painting the frames as well. It gives them such a cool, french antique vibe. As for the Cupcake wines, yes, I love the Red Velvet also. They don't make many I don't like!

Caitlin @ Hardly Housewives said...

Love it! So simple but engaging!

natasha {schue love} said...

I LOVE the frames!! Such a cool way to create a gallery wall! :)