Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrapup: Getting it Done

Jan 16, 2012

Weekend Wrapup: Getting it Done

Happy Monday Loves!

We had a very nice weekend at home and were able to get some small projects completed (and a few new ones started).

Friday night we took it easy and made lasagna soup and watched Friends with Benefits.
Have you seen it?

I thought it was funny but then again JT could read the ingredients on a cereal box to me and I would probably laugh. 

On Saturday I started a project for our master bedroom.
But you only get a sneak peek for now...
and guesses on what it is?!

We also started dismantling the baseball room.
Oh, what's the baseball room you ask?
It is quite a gem that came with our house...
and until this point we have left it be because honestly, we weren't sure what to do with it.
Well, thankfully, we have found a lovely recipient of it's contents.
You can see these 'contents' in the photo below...
 Why yes that is a...
  • baseball headboard
  • baseball ceiling fan
  • baseball bat curtain rod
  • baseball light switch (not pictured)
Jealous yet? Ha!
We did take the fan down and replaced it with a new light fixture.
(post on that coming soon!)
Saturday night we ate at a new restaurant that the Mister and I both really enjoyed
Padrinos in Milford will be getting our business again very soon!
I had the Padrinos Special pizza and the Mister had the meatball sliders.
 Yes, it was all as delicious as it looks!

Sunday we tried out a new church and had a very yummy dinner with friends! 
How was your weekend?


Laura@everydayeasy said...

I think your baseball room would be my husband's dream bedroom.

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

Oh my gosh the baseball bedroom is too funny!! I think my husband would somehow enjoy that as well?! Are you making drapes?! I've done that before:)

Darby Hawley said...

Love that baseball room lol What are you going to turn it into now? Are you working on new drapes for your master bedroom?

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

haha....I love the rooms that some houses come with! The food looks delicious and sounds like you had a wondeful weekend. I came down with a miserable head cold that I am still fighting so alot of this weekend was spent in hoo:(

Caitlin @ Hardly Housewives said...

WHOAH who did you buy the house from? That baseball room is hilarious. I'm glad our house didn't come with one, because I'm pretty sure my husband would have insisted it stayed as-is!

henning love said...

my guess for that fabric is curtains!! am i right? your friday night sounds relaxing and we just watched friends with benefits recently too. and your dinner with friends looks so so yummy

Val said...

I want a baseball it.

Savannah said...

That baseball room is so ridiculous! Love, love, love it! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

Jamie said...

That pizza looks amazing.

Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

the baseball room made me laugh! love it!

Natalie about basset hound said...

You made me crave for pizza now. I love the room and I bet your basset hound will enjoy it too.