Total Basset Case: Meal Plan: Week of February 6th-11th

Feb 7, 2012

Meal Plan: Week of February 6th-11th

Better late than never, right?
Once I make it to the store, here is what we are having this week
Tuesday: Chicken Enchilada Soup (P90X recipe)
Wednesday: Soup + Grilled Cheese
Thursday: Chicken Spaghetti with Pesto + Salads
Friday: Dinner with Married...with a pup!
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Taco Pie
 I can't wait to try this taco pie!

Alright, even though it is already Tuesday, I want to know what you are having this week!
Who has been meal planning?


Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

yum, I love anything taco-let me know how that turns out!

Lindsey said...

I love Taco Pie, but my recipe is much easier. So good!!

Savannah said...

Your menu plan for the week is delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

YUM taco pie! Now I want lunch:)

Laura Burtis said...

It all sounds delish! But I'm such a sucker for a grilled cheese - and that one looks AMAZING! Oh man, now I'm totally craving it... :)

Hilliary Meisner said...

I want to know how that taco pie turns out! Sounds good!

Katie said...

Yay, can't wait for Friday!! I love taco anything...and that pie looks amazing!

Wendy Mac said...

We have soup every Monday. It makes meal planning a little easier. :)

pam {simple details} said...

Yum, I'm definitely trying the taco pie! Thanks, Sarah!