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Mar 20, 2012

DIY: Bordered Drapes

One of the goals on our 2012 list was to add a border to our master bedroom window treatments.
And a border, I did!

I had recently purchased a set of plain brown panels at TJ Maxx awhile ago
and as soon as I hung them up, I realized they were not quite wide enough for our windows.
They worked, but I wanted them to be a little fuller.

I found a patterned orange fabric at Hobby Lobby and quickly got to measuring and sewing
Well, I got to it right after a few phone calls, emails and conversations with my mother-in-law.
She knows all things sewing. 
 1. The fabric was 45" wide so I divided that into 4 equal parts and cut the fabric accordingly
2. I folded each of those sections in half and ironed them to create a crisp edge
 3. I pinned and sewed a 1/2" hem on each end
4. I then sewed a 3" border on each end
*be sure not to sew the vertical sides closed (on the top portion) or else you will not be able thread the curtain rod through the hem.  Not that I know this from experience or anything, just a warning.
Once I had all of the borders sewn it was time to attach the strips to the curtains.
I laid the curtains out and pinned the strips to them.
And Floyd helped.

"Mom, you are doing this all wrong"
5. Now it was time to attach the strips to the curtains
This was probably the most time consuming part
But, alas, four strips down and it was time to hang these bad boys up!
6. Ta Da! 
Here is the final product.  
(sorry these photos are crisper- the lighting in our bedroom is a little weird)

(Don't be jealous of our awesome teal carpet. This is hopefully changing very, very soon) 

Now let me just be honest...these are not perfect.
By any means.
Hence why you are not getting any up close photos.
Let's just say I need some work on sewing in a straight line.
I know it sounds easy enough but
because these were so long (84") it was a little difficult to get that much fabric to stay straight.
All in all, I do like the way they look from afar and I am proud of myself for trying.
I think I am just able ready to tackle my next sewing adventure...
what should it be?? 


Katie said...

You go!! Seriously I'm impressed. I've put a sewing machine on my list of things to buy.... Not sure if I could tackle a project that big though! Looks great!

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

They turned out so great! I did a set of drapes for our bedroom and challenging it was- working with all that fabric!

Darby Hawley said...

Wahooo Sarah! These look great! I really like that pattern you picked and of course I love to see pictures of Floyd!

Caitlin said...

Looks great! I've been sewing a lot of small projects lately and have been thinking about tackling curtains... inspiration!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

Practice makes perfect! I still get a little nervous when sewing drapery panels. I have some for client/friend that I am dreading because you never know how it will look until it is hung! You will get better just stick to it! Love the fabric!

Netty said...

your pup is SO CUTE!

Thanks for dropping by, doll!

I'm impressed w/ your DIYness! LOL

The Fashionable ESQ