Total Basset Case: Weekend Goodies

Mar 6, 2012

Weekend Goodies

As promised yesterday, here are the goodies I picked up this weekend.

 First off we started the weekend with lunch at Which Wich.

I first had Which Wich when I visited my bestie, Whitney, in Dallas a few years ago.
 I have been craving it ever since.
The closest one to us here in Cincy is Indy
(much like SuperTarget but that is another story for another day).
I begged asked the girls if we could have lunch there and they happily obliged.
My sammy was as delicious as I remember!

World Market was next on our list
(another place we do not have in you see a trend here?)
I have been dying to visit World Market
There are 3(!) in Columbus and I have been trying to coordinate a trip up there soon and meet up with Katie from Keep Calm & Carry On.
I've got my eye on a couple of dining table options from there.

From this trip I picked up some essentials:
and a scarf:

And in extra exciting news, 
I have been on an intense search for colored denim and 
just went I was about to give up...
Gap to the rescue!

I also got this metallic rose sweater 
Have you picked up anything exciting lately?


pam {simple details} said...

Great finds, love the cute jeans and scarf! I wouldn't pass up the wine, either. :)

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I do that too. I always shop in the stores that are not at home on vaca! I am already making a list for when we are in DC this month! I have a dining bench from World Market and the quality is excellent- solid wood and heavy. Highly recommend!

Caitlin said...

I love that scarf! Where did you get it? Also, I've only seen World Market online, never in person. Jealous!

Katie said...

Such good finds! I really like that scarf. I found a really great scarf from world market a couple of years ago and it's my fav! Did you get that exact color for the denim? I love it!

Lauren {Stylized Existence} said...

Glad you finally got your colored denim!!!

Val said...

I love the pattern on the scarf. How is the wine ? =)

Anonymous said...

Love, love Which Wich but I've only had it in Athens, GA..Can't wait to try it again someday! I've been on a bit of a shopping kick lately(unfortunately says my checkbook). I got a couple cute shirts at New York and Company last weekend and two cute pairs of Sperry dress flats at Rack Room too. I could go on but we'd be here a while. :)