Total Basset Case: Week(end) Wrap Up: Cabinet Crazy

Sep 24, 2012

Week(end) Wrap Up: Cabinet Crazy

First I want to say a huge thank you to the lovely ladies that guest posted for me...
Britt, Shanna, and gals rock, thanks again!! 

Moving on, I am officially back from the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.
I had never been to PA but I am so glad I was able to go, it was beautiful!
And Hershey is there, so really, what's not to love?

I spent the whole week in class learning about the Wood Mode cabinet line.
And I mean, allll about it.
We were in class all day long and had homework every night.
It was intense to say the least but I am so glad I was able to go.
(Although I really hated feeling so disconnected from the blog world. I missed you, friends!!)
But by Friday, I had passed my class and my brain was full of all things cabinets.
If you need new cabinets/kitchen design in your house, I am your woman!
(one of the displays in the showroom)
One evening after class we were able to sneak over to Hershey, PA to do some exploring.
We arrived about an hour too late and missed the last tour but did our own exploring around town and saw a few sights on our own. 
We grabbed dinner and souvenirs at the Hershey Lodge. 
  For dinner I had cocoa espresso rubbed chicken.
Omgee, guys.
It was chicken, but it had a slight chocolate taste and it was just worked. 
Really, really good.
I mean, when in Rome, get some chicken with cocoa on it. 
 Of course, we had some kisses too and I swear they just tasted better there.
(Much like the Yuengling did.)

Saturday was spent resting, cleaning, working out (after taking almost a week off), and hanging with the Mister.  
He caught a bad batch of strep while I was gone so we laid low. 

I also became an aunt (again!) on Saturday.
One of my very best bff's welcomed their son, Thomas, into the world on Saturday.
I am in love with him already!

 Sunday was spent doing more of the same with some shopping thrown in.
I also whipped up my first batch of taco soup for the fall season and busted out the fall candles.  
And if you follow me on Instagram (totalbassetcase) you may have seen this picture...but Floyd decided to help me unload the groceries.
 And take a bite out of the turkey...while I wasn't looking.
"I was just helping Mama!"

How was your weekend?
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Kait said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Glad you had a safe trip back pretty lady!

Katie said...

love that last picture! he is so cute! and yeah for fall candles!

Joy said...

I can relate with the grocery helper. Marleigh loves to go through every. single. bag and look to make sure she got something. And if you set the bag on the counter... she cries until you put it on the floor so she can "go through it." It's a sight to see. Glad you are back safely from your trip! PS... those cabinets are beautiful. Have a wonderful week!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

That kitchen is beautiful! And of course I now have a craving for some reese's or some dark chocolate Hershey kisses (I keep those in my house haha). I had some taco soup/chili over the weekend which is very close to your recipe, and can't wait to make some of my own! Yum!

Unknown said...

Glad you had such a great trip! And I'd die if I got to go to the hershey's factory! Oh my gosh, yumm! Now you've got me craving chocolate! And I nearly died of laughter last night when you posted that picture of floyd! He seriously is the funnest pup! said...

your basset-hound is too cute! i love the name of your blog/the nickname...i can imagine how hard it is to get too upset, though with a face like that! i totally would have given in.

hope your husband feels better! it makes me sad, but i've been reading about so many people who are getting sick this time of year. i can imagine it's probably already chilly in cinci (i live in atlanta..we're far from it).

and i'm so jealous of you going to hershey park! it's awesome that you were able to work and sneak that in, too!

@ said...

...and all this time, i thought i was following your blog, but i wasn't! i guess i just kept stumbling across it over and over without realizing it! now i'm officially following!

Liz said...

The Hersey Lodge sounds awesome! Anything based on chocolate is totally up my alley :)

CALLIE said...

Chocolate Chicken... YES PLEASE!! Ok, let's be honest... I'll eat chocolate ANYTHING!

Brittany @ Brittany's Joy Blog said...

What a cool-sounding business trip! Beyond jealous :)

Heather said...

i die! yesterday i caught my dog running on the side of the road with a mcdonalds bag in her mouth. she was bringing it home. i was laughing so hard i couldn't get to my phone fast enough to get her with it in her mouth!

Jen said...

Oh my, I so need to try chocolate chicken! Not sure if it sounds good, it's just interesting and I do love chocolate! That last pic so reminds me of Abby. Although she actually gets into my fridge. She actually did it again yesterday...crazy dogs! :)

Tess said...

Chocolate chicken? I dont even like chicken but I think I'd probably be singing a different tune!!!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Why did I think you were in Dallas this weekend??? My bad. I am glad you are back, regardless!! ;) And Chocolate World and chocolate this something I have never seen before, but I like it!! ;)

Blue Dog Belle said...

Oh Floyd. Always the character. Glad you're back love!

xo, Emily

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

My beagle likes to "help" unload the groceries too. And take out the trash. Oh those sneaky hound dogs!!

I imagine it's hard to stay mad at him too long though. Especially with a face like that! Adorable!

Unknown said...

i've always wanted to visit there! looks like a fun trip!

happy monday!

xoxo, sarah grace

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Please go away again so that I can guest post again. Kidding. But really, I love being on your blog!! Thanks for having me friend!

C Mae said...

Floyd inspired my post for tomorrow! I borrowed your instagram picture for my post you'll have to stop by and check it out!!! :)

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

Sounds like a good trip and at least you got to explore some of the town. Floyd looks too funny in the picture

Caitlin said...

Floyd! SO helpful!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

How sweet and considerate of Floyd to be your big helper!! Gotta love that guy! ;) My little Zoey decided to help me weed through some junk mail over the weekend. She thought it was a bunch of junk, so she went ahead & shredded it for me. (now if only she had thumbs and could help me pick it all up, that'd be awesome)

I'm totally trying your taco soup recipe sometime soon! Maybe I'll take pics and share it on the blog. (all the credit will go to your mama though!) ;)

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I would compare going to Chocolate World with going to Disney World. Plus I wouldn't think you would have the 3 hour lines to wait in. Double plus. Throw in all the chocolate a girl could want and I'm a happy camper. Glad you had a fun trip!