Total Basset Case: F is for Fridays: Part 2

Oct 12, 2012

F is for Fridays: Part 2

Friday Friday Friday!!
So glad to see you!
Especially since all day yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday.
You know what's not a funny joke....thinking its Friday on a Thursday.

Thank you for everyone that weighed in yesterday!
Our friend Chris suggested that we put him in a shirt/outfit that would make Floyd looked like he was in a straight he was a basket case.
I think it's super funny BUT I'm not sure the neighbors would get it.

This week's Fridays with Floyd: Coming Home

Seeing Floyd's excitement when we come home may be the best things in the entire world.
And we always say that us coming home is, by far, the best thing has happened to Floyd all day long. 
Just the other day, the Mister caught a few shots of Floyd waiting on me at the front door.
Seeing him waiting and getting SO excited will never cease to warm my heart.
 Look at that tail go!

Yes, I drive a 2000 Camry. Please try to reserve your jealously.

And now for this week's Floyd's Friends!
Please welcome Andrea and her 2 beauties, Shelby and Lady!
Andrea's blog always has the best red wine recommendations (girl after my own heart), cutest outfits, jewelry to die for, and delicious recipes on her blog.
I mean, what's not to love?!
Take it away, ladies!!

Hello Total Basset Case friends! 
I am Andrea and I blog over at the blonde ambitions about my life, my 2 furry dog children, food, fashion & lots of randomness! 
My two Shelties, Shelby & Lady, are my world and I love them just as much as I know I will love my future human children!

My husband & I graduated from Texas A&M, Whoop!! As you know their mascot is a Collie, Reveille, and I have to admit this only played a small role in our decision on Shelties. 
However, this has given our dogs something to aspire to be...we tell them they are baby Reveilles but that they shouldn't let their size stop them!

Here are some of the things they like to do!

{play ball}

{spend time at the river}

 {play with their foxy, together}

Lady likes to cook with me! (or eat what falls)

{Shelby likes to "work out", aka sleep next to the treadmill}

{Lady loves car rides}

{Lady also likes to sleep "comfortably"}

{Shelby is possessive and sleeps on her toys & pillows}

{Lady likes to wear medals...}

 {...and help Dad with projects}

If you are still with me THANK YOU!! We hope you will come visit us!
the blonde ambitions

Thanks so much Sarah & Floyd for having us!!
 Thank you beautiful ladies for hanging with Floyd and I today!
Andrea, your girls are beautiful!
I think they and Floyd would get along wonderfullly, especially waiting in the kitchen and helping out with projects!
Go check out her blog!! 

Have a great weekend, friends!
Hope you get to enjoy some beautiful fall weather!

P.s. Want to be a part of Floyd's Friends?? Shoot me an email at totalbassetcase{at}gmail{dot}com and I will get you on the schedule!


Courtney said...

So so cute Andrea! I love all the pictures of your fur children--precious!! What a fun post:) Sarah, love your blog!

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for having me Sarah & Floyd!! It was so fun!

Kait said...

Ah I love Lady and Shelby--so cute! Maddie would love them too, because she's a big fan of sleeping on the sofa and surfing for food in the kitchen. Checking out Andrea's blog now!

HAPPY FRIDAY! And tell Floyd--no howling this weekend at the little children in the yard!

Joy said...

Look at those beauties, Shelby and Lady... Floyd better watch out... he just might have two girlfriends! Love that Floyd waits on you to come home. I know MB knows when I'm suppose to drive in... the Mr says she starts barking and whining louder and louder until I walk through the door. Then it's smooches galore!

Darby Hawley said...

I love all the pups on your blog today :-) A basket case would be hilarious lol Being greeted with so much love after a work day is awesome, isn't it?

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Awww Floyd loves his momma! That's so sweet! And Andrea's dogs are so beautiful! I love your Friday posts!

Unknown said...

Your blog is adorable! Love the dogs :)

C Mae said...

Loved this post! Hopped right on over to Andrea's blog and am now a follower! Must admit her cutie-pah-tootie shelties sucked me in!!!

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

Aw Floyd looks adorable by the door and I love Andrea's dogs. They are so beautiful!! said...

thanks for the posts. good stuff. great blog.

Unknown said...

Oh I am dying over these photos. What awesome dogs!!