Total Basset Case: Important Decision

Oct 11, 2012

Important Decision

I have an important decision to make and I need your help.

What should Floyd be for Halloween?

Now, I don't really get into dressing up (weirdo, I know), but I do LOVE handing out candy.
And one of the best parts of that is having Floyd dressed up to greet the trick or treaters.

Things to keep in mind:
I really love the idea of somehow incorporating his ears.
I (for some reason) am hung up on the idea of making him a costume.

After much deliberation, I have narrowed down the choices.

1. Eeyore
I would make him some hair and definitely the big bow for his tail.
2. Dumbo
I think the collar and hat would be easy enough to make, 
and how cute he would be with that hat on??
3. Bunny Rabbit
He would definitely need a huge, fluffy, white tail.
 4. Basset-a-saurus
 Think triceratops meets basset hound.
I'm picturing a green body with yellow spikes.
 5. Sheriff Floyd 
Thanks to Lura for this idea...this is just too funny.
The handcuffs! Get outta here! 
6. You choose!
What is your idea for Floyd?

Okay, GO!
Tell me what Floyd should be for Halloween!
And then I will high tail it to the thrift store and Hobby Lobby!

Happy Thursday, friends!


Caitlin said...

Where we live, we get NO trick or treaters! Isn't that the saddest thing?

Fred MAY be a ballerina this year... payback for whining before breakfast every morning and drooling on me in my work clothes last week.

Joy said...

I'm going with Eeyore!!! Why? Because Floyd always has the same look on his face that Eeyore has. And I just know he'll be precious, whatever he is for Halloween!! I can't wait to see pictures. Oh and I found out we are going to have MB for Halloween this year... so she'll have to have a new costume. She's usually a "witchy poo" or a "hotdog" but I think I'll try her with something different this year. (Note to self... get the ball rolling.)

Unknown said...

DO it.
I can't even imagine him as anything else! BUt you won't hurt my feelings if you choose Dumbo :P

CALLIE said...

I think the sheriff is too funny!!

Anne said...

I don't do dressing up either, but this is kind of making me want to give Ginger a costume...

And I vote Eeyore. Basset facial expressions and Eeyore are such a good match!

little b said...

Dumbo! he'd be adorable!

Kait said...

I am voting either Dumbo or EEyore, but leaning mostly toward Eeyore, because Floyd has that chronic sad face. I think he'd nail it. Maddie doesn't have a vote...other than Floyd coming for a visit!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

My vote: banana!

My husband won't let me dress up Baxter in dog clothes but he will make an exception for Halloween. I need to go back and get the candy corn sweater that I saw at HomeGoods. He was a grape last year, but I feel like we need to mix it up for 2012!

Anonymous said...

Eeyore please!

Darby Hawley said...

Eeyore for sure! That would be so adorable :-)

Katie said...

Ha this is such a fun topic! We've never dressed up the Brutie man. But I can see how it would totally be a blast to dress up Floyd. Especially bc you are making it! I don't have a vote (is that bad). I think all of these will be seriously amazing!

Sara said...

to best use one of Floyd's best qualities, those great ears, I'd say Eeyore or Dumbo!

Sara said...

to best use one of Floyd's best qualities, those great ears, I'd say Eeyore or Dumbo!

Casey said...

Oh my goshhhhh they are all so cute I cannot even choose. The Sheriff is hysterical, and it's nice to be able to picture the final product on a basset. Otherwise, I think Eeyore!!! He kinda has an Eeyore facial expression, you know? And do tell how you manage to get him to keep the hair on his head. I only bought Pierre a jack-o-lantern t-shirt so far :( Lame basset mom.

Blue Dog Belle said...

These are all amazing, but I think I'm gonna have to vote dinosaur. Too cute.

xo, Emily

Anne said...


Jen said...

I think you should go with Eeyore. I have seen hot dog costumes which I think are also funny for long body dogs. Can't wait to see what you come up with! I ordered my pups costumes yesterday, so I can't wait to dress them up as well!

Elisha said...

Eeyore!! Or sheriff floyd!

#mommylife said...

Dumbo or Eeyore!!

Ashley said...

Eeyore!!! Oh my have to post a million pictures of Floyd dressed up.

jamiedawn said...

ooooh this is too perfect. eeyore for sure!! no doubt about it. cant wait to see pics of this perfection!!