Total Basset Case: All Sorts of Random

Nov 15, 2012

All Sorts of Random

I am all over the board today so try to hang with me.
First up I have my Random Wednesday link up with Shanna (on a Thursday mind you) and my Saw It Pinned It Did It link up with Katie and Steph.

First up my Random Wednesday
 1. This outfit. I randomly threw it together the other morning and actually liked the way it turned out.
{Cardi: Gap, Top: Old Navy, Jeans: JCPenny, Boots: Steve Madden}

What I did not like was when I went to go pose for these shots I fell, stumbled and knocked 2 frames off the wall.
I'll spare you the picture that Mister caught.

2. I heard the TERRIBLE news yesterday that they aren't bringing the Target lady back this year.
Excuse me.
No one asked me about this.
I LOOOOVE the Target lady.
I even had her 'Fa La La La' song as my ringtone last Christmas.
I may start a petition, who's with me?

3. I caught Floyd chomping on a bottle of acrylic paint the other day.
Although he did have enough sense to choose the glittery champagne color, everyone needs some glitter in their life.
Apparently he's jealous of all the DIYing I've been doing and that he hasn't been in on the action.

And now for Saw It Pinned It Do It
 kind of in reverse this week.
I was perusing Pinterest for more outfits to wear my beloved red jeans with and came across the outfits below solidifying the fact that you can wear red and khaki/tan together.
It wasn't just early morning delirium.

So to recap this week I Did It Saw It Pinned It.
Sorry girls...I broke the rules.

4. Don't forget about the Glamour Me Jewels giveaway
5. The Holiday Blog Hop is still going up here!
6. I've already started (and been adding to) my Christmas/Birthday wish list.
Is it too early?!
7. Is that enough random for you?!
Come back tomorrow for an all new Floyd's Friends!


Wendy Mac said...

OMG!! I CANNOT believe the Target lady is NOT coming back. I am so upset! I will sign your petition.

Katie said...

I love your outfit! so cute!

Kait said...

You pull off red pants like nobodys business. Also, go Floyd go! That glitter paint is where it's at--but don't give Maddie any ideas.

Nat said...

Love the outfit with the red pants! I'm soooo sad the Target lady isn't coming back!! I wait for her every year!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Whhhhhhaaaaat??? No more Target Lady?? The holidays just won't be the same without her!! And look at you in those little red skinnies...adorbs! Thanks for linking up! Love you to pieces!!

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOO, I need the Target lady!!! She is seriously my homegirl!

Loving the red pants, too! I just wore mine yesterday paired with a tan sweater :) Great minds think alike!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

You are awesome in the red pants! I want some! I am scared to wear colored pants even though I have a pair of KY blue ones just waiting to be loved. Floyd cracks me up with the things he picks to chew on. I really wish I could train my dog to chew on a toothbrush like he does, haha! :)

Helene said...

JUST SAY NO to the target lady!!!

love your outfit, i wish I could throw things together like that!

According to Jax said...

Ughhhh....what is wrong with Target!!! I saw their new christmas commercial last night and its two new people, and they are nowhere close to as amazing as the crazy target lady! :(

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Ohhh Floyd! Cute little guy!

I LOVE the outfit with the red pants and that's so cool that you found similar ones on Pinterest!

Joy said...

The Target commericals this year are awful. First, why are you "targetting" teenagers? Seriously, they aren't the ones who will be getting up early to fight the crowds! And, what teenager do you know that actually HAS money to spend. And please, please leave the singing alone. It's awful! However, I do like the Target commerical with the dog bringing the presents. And I'm sure that's because I have a soft spot for pups! Okay, I'll get off my soap box now. But seriously Target... I'm thinking about staying away from you this Christmas season just because of this torture. Oh and the Kmart commericial... the lights, the lights, the lights, the lights, the lights.... Yep... I'm over it! =)

BTW - CUTE CUTE outfit! But then again, you look great in anything!

Darby Hawley said...

WHAT!? It isn't Christmas without the Target lady!!!!

Kristen said...

Love your outfit! I seriously need some red pants STAT.

Jen said...

I love your outfit and I totally want a pair of skinny colored jeans. I might have to use your outfit as inspiration and check out JCP! Oh and I totally agree on the Target Lady. I followed her on Twitter last year, she was hilarious!

Stesha said...

your outfit looks awesome! great job for getting pinterest inspired!!!


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

You are so stinking cute! And Floyd the glitter dog cracks me up!

Brooke Hamilton said...

Those red pants are adorable, and I love the outfit you made out of them! I bet you'll find all sorts of other cute tops to wear with them!

Ashley said...

Wait just one second, they AREN'T bringing the Target lady back?! She's one of my favorites!! Nooooo

Deidre said...

Love those red pants...but those boots, AMAZING.

Unknown said...

Of course red and tan go together. I had to wear that outfit for years when I worked at Target in college. :)

Stephanie said...

PLEASE post the pic of you falling. PLEASE!!??? ;)

PS-love the red/khaki!! Such a class act, you are!

Thanks so much for linking up with us this week!! xoxo

Anne said...

Reverse Pinterest inspiration - I love it. It means you're super fashionable :) All three red jeans outfits are super cute.

Unknown said...

I love the red jeans! Pairing them with khaki is great! I'm also sad about the target lady! I'm your newest follower and love the blog! Don't worry about the Christmas/Birthday wish list...I do the same thing :) Happy Friday! I'm glad you stopped by my blog and I got to check yours out!