Total Basset Case: L'oreal Love

Jan 29, 2013

L'oreal Love

 So the other day I was in the shower and realized that everything I've been using on my hair and face was L'oreal.
This was purely by coincidence only.
And that fact that they always have coupons in the Sunday paper. 
I am pretty brand loyal with some items (my love for elf makeup) but as far as hair care goes I like to branch out and try new things. 
Not to say I don't have my favorites, but my wallet isn't built to buy or use Bumble and Bumble every single day. Oh but if it was...

Below is the arsenal that I've accumulated lately.
And for the sake of not repeating myself a 1,000 times...Aside from being awesome products, I really love how all of these smell.

1. I think this combo is fantastic for every day shampoo and conditioner.  Smells great (told you) and is not too heavy and gives me great volume.  The number one thing I look for in hair products (especially shampoo/conditioner) is volume and these 2 fit the bill.

2.  I recently picked up this nourishing leave in spray to add extra moisture to my hair.  I am a night shower-er and have been spritzing this stuff on, combing it through and waking up with silky strands.  I really love this product and can definitely tell it's working.

3.  Sticking with hair care, I also picked up this hair mask from Ulta (where else?). I have never used a mask before but after reading about them on multiple blogs (great example here) I decided to give it a whirl.  My hair has seemed extra dry lately (side eye winter) and I was hoping this mask would do the trick to whip it back into its silky shape.  Well well well, they are not kidding around!
After the first time I used it, the next day my hair was SO silky smooth.

 4.  I also recently picked up with face wash (I'll give you one guess where) and it has worked out very nicely.  Normally I try to switch back and forth between an deep exfoliating type face wash and something smoother.  This smoother one is really doing the trick.  And anything that promises to keep my skin looking younger is a winner in my book.

And as an honorable mention, I just used up the last of the L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen mascara and loved it.
I'll have reviews on the new mascara I picked up over the weekend and some new elf goodies that were delivered to my door yesterday. 

*I was not compensated for this post. L'oreal has no idea who I am.  I just randomly started buying every thing they make.


Kait said...

Your disclaimer is arguably my favorite part :)

Helene said...

ditto to what Kait said. and I really want to try that hair mask. I need that in my life ASAP

Joy said...

I love hair and face products, but the Mr limits my time shopping in Ulta and Sephora because I'd buy the place out. I seem to be on a nail polish buying kick right now though. And yes, Lordy Mercy yes, I love Bumble and Bumble but come on... that TINY bottle for that MASSIVE price, I don't think so!

Unknown said...

Yep, I am with you on #1, I think this is the longest I've stayed with a shampoo brand! I have never had a conditioner that has worked so well as L'Oreal. I share your love girl :)

shay said...

i love the loreal shampoos and conditioners... they are awesome. will def have to try the hair mask!

and your disclaimer made me LOL :)

Jeans and a Teacup said...

I use a lot of L'Oreal cosmetics and I love them! Haven't tried their hair products though...maybe I'll have to get some!
Jeans and a Teacup

Blue Dog Belle said...

L'Oreal Mascaras are my absolute favorite! Great reviews. I'm in need of some new shampoo--- and volume is my #1 need too.

jamiedawn said...

i know what you mean about budgeting your beauty! i use to work at Mitchells and I used bumble and bumble everyday without really appreciating just how nice (and expensive) the stuff was!! now i'm a target hair care kinda gal!

Anonymous said...

I've never tried any of these products. Love the dislcaimer:)

Nicole M. Hutchison said...

If you have not tried L'Oreal's BB creams they pretty much ROCK my socks. I use two different kinds (one is Youth Code) and I really like how they make my skin look and feel .... they don't smell weird either. Score!

p.s. Floyd, you're looking dapper as usual. It's always a joy of my day to visit your blog. :)

Nicole @ Three 31

Allison said...

Haha I love your disclaimer. No shame in using a great product!

Marsa said...

ahh your pup is just the cutest!
cant wait for the mascara review! that's like my #1 makeup item. i'd choose that over any other makeup haha

The DayLee Journal

Ashley said...

hahahaha your disclaimer is cracking me up! I love their sulfate free products too. The hair mask works wonders!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

HA! I totally had the same realization. Loreal is doing something right!

Anne said...

Loreal rocks my pants off.

Brhea said...

Thanks for sharing these. I've been venturing away from all of my sephora favorites in an effort to save some money. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are some great products out there that are affordable on a budget.