Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up: Dates and Dinners

Jan 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Dates and Dinners

I'll get right to our wasn't anything crazy but for some reason I am still exhausted from it.
I think it should be okay to go into work at noon on Mondays.

Friday Mister took me on a date to a pizza joint that have been on our list for a long time.
(Fratellis in West Chester for you Cincinnatians) 
oooh look at that greasy goodness.
and we rounded the night out with some delicious froyo.
It's a good thing we worked out before we headed to dinner.
We ended the night back and home and I was asleep on the sofa by 10:30.

Saturday was a day of errands.
For me and Floyd.
I have been doing my weekly grocery shopping on Saturdays instead of Sundays and it has been life changing.
And frees up more time to nap on Sundays.
Important details.
Floyd and I also ventured to PetSmart for his pawdicure.
He did pretty well this time...sometimes it looks as if they are wrangling a wild horse in there.  I actually caught him yawning in the middle this time.
 Saturday evening we had dinner at our friends house and Floyd got to go as well!
I took my crack brownies to share and also made a biscuit crusted sausage egg pie for breakfast.  
(I sorta doubled the recipe.  I used 1lb of sausage, 4oz of feta, an extra egg and 5 biscuits.)
This was delicious and very easy! Great for brunch or if you have company over.

And that rounds out our weekend!
How was yours?
Hope every one has a great week!!

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Courtney said...

Floyd is so darn cute, I love his pictures! Happy Monday:)

Jodi said...

That pizza looks so good!

The vet use to have to literally muzzle my basset to clip her nails. I guess most bassets hate it!

Sarah Tucker said...

That greasy goodness look delicious!

Kait said...

I still think he looks kind of pissed off about that pawdicure...

Life's Tails said...

So I have been reading your blog for a while now and just realized we live 20 mins from each other! I think Tank and Floyd need a play date!

Life's Tails said...

So I have been reading your blog for a while now and just realized we live 20 mins from each other! I think Tank and Floyd need a play date!

Joy said...

Is it sad that I show Terry every single picture of Floyd on instagram and now he says, 'Hey, there's Floyd!" when I start scrolling through the pictures every day? We love us some Floyd! And that greasy pizza goodness looks SOOOOO good!!! Glad y'all had a great weekend! Oh and now I'm craving crack brownies!!!! Yum!

Alyssa @ Sweet Shangrila said...

Ooh that pizza looks so good, I wouldn't have had the self control to take pictures before digging in! Haha

Betty said...

Yum! That pizza looks delicious...and I love the little bandana he's wearing (it almost looks like a cape!). BTW, I totally agree about grocery shopping on Saturday vs. Sunday...for some reason it makes Mondays way less painful.

perch shop said...

Floyd is so stinkin' cute! and that pizza looks divine. sounds like you had a great weekend!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Um, I want some of that greasy goodness now!!! Yummo!!! And Floyd, dear Floyd, this picture cracked me up when I saw it on IG. He looks soooooo thrilled!! LOL!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness!!! Is Floyd wearing a cape?! I'm glad he was able to get his pawdicure :-)

that pizza really does look amazing. Hope you were able to get a much deserved nap on Sunday!

Jen said...

That pizza looks amazing and I am for sure going to need to check out those crack brownies!! And Floyd looks very handsome in his bandana. I agree it kind of looks like a cape :)

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

hmmm the cheese balls and pizza look yummy!!! Glad Flyod is "man" enough to get a pawdicure :) and I totally agree school/work should not start til at least 10 on Mondays!!

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

Are those fried cheese balls!? AH-mazing! Also, Floyd's face is toooo stinking cute!

Anne said...

I'd be pissed too if they put a bright orange PetSmart scarf on me. However, Floyd does totally rock that shizzzzz.

Unknown said...

I need to take Gus in to get his nails done. I hate cutting them myself. We usually just have him run around on concrete to "file" them.

Angie said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. That pizza looks yummy. I LOVE Floyd in his little cape. Too cute!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Floyd is so cute all spiffied up! That photo is hilarious! And now I am dying for that pizza - and your crack broWnies!

Jamie said...

Omg you're making me drool with the pictures of that delicious greasy food. Now I want pizza. Looks like you had a great weekend!

The Blue Hour

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

So, um....embarassing, but Petsmart will no longer even attempt to give one of my dogs a paw-dicure (however they groom my other dog fabulously). This one is wild, and the last time they tried she pooped on them. Now we have to take her to the vet where they give her some type of sedative (seriously). We've tried to do it at home several times, which always ends up in me being mad and her having a seizure within a couple hours because she gets so worked up. Then I feel like a dirtbag mother. So all that to say GOOD JOB FLOYD!!! Your mom is proud of you for being such a good boy! :)