Total Basset Case: SPD: Love on the Wall

Jan 31, 2013

SPD: Love on the Wall

Phew, I am glad we have made it to Thursday.
Yesterday was a doozy and I wasn't sure it would ever end.
Someone please tell me there was a full moon.  That is the ONLY possible explanation.

Anyhoooo, on to some crafting and Valentines details around our house!

First off, I love love LOVE our house.
It's our first house, our first official taste of grown up life and it's our space.
I love decorating and changing up our house (obviously considering my profession) and am always looking for ways to improve it or spice things up.
Also because of my profession, I get designer antsy and can't keep anything the same for too long.

What I don't love about our house is that we don't have a mantle upstairs.
(FYI - Our home is bi-level and we do 90% of our living upstairs and the entire space is open.  We do have a mantel downstairs but it's in a really weird spot and just not where we spend a lot of time.)
I dreammmm of decorating and changing out a mantel every season and throughout the year.
Dream of it, people.
Christmas time is the worst...everyone has the MOST adorable mantels all over blogland and I just have a big ol wall.
Granted, I love my big ol wall and my frames but she doesn't have a mantel on her
(or really a good way to install a faux one).
SO to curb my mantel sadness, I've been DIYing and decorating our frame wall more to soothe my mantel needs.
I started back in the fall with this garland
and now for Valentine's Day I've added a few 'love' touches.
 Please welcome my fabric scrap heart wreath and cute Valentine's printables to the wall!

I whipped up the wreath in less time than it took to watch an episode of New Girl.
To make the wreath, I just cut strips of extra pink and red fabric scraps I had (perk of the job, always have fabrics around) and tied them onto a (pink) wire hanger shaped into a heart.
I then used a piece of ribbon and hot glue to attach the wreath to a frame.

These simple touches are a few items I had mentioned I wanted to whip up for Valentine's Day a few SPDs ago here.  

(Original wreath pin and inspiration from here)
 And I downloaded the printables from here and here.

And! As you can tell, I painted our frames recently! I really like the way they turned out and have been enjoying the contrast of the blue against the brown wall.

Linking up with the ladies: Katie and Steph!

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Courtney said...

LOVE the frame wall! And that wreath is supercute and looks fun to make!

Helene said...

oh wow, that is awesome! and I love a frame wall!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Your Valentines decor looks great! I really like that wreath. I have a mantel, but we have a big television over top of it so I never decorate it all that much. I probably should, perk up the house a bit! :)

Pamela said...

Aww it all looks great!!

Lauren {Stylized Existence} said...

We were both in a funk yesterday ..... I wonder if it was a full moon too!!! Cute wreath!

Sarah Tucker said...

Technically the moon is always full...we just don't see parts of it, therefore I blame it on the full moon! And, adorable Valentine's touches! This will be the first year I might actually add a few "loving" touches around the house.

Domesticable said...

Sarah that is super cute! I love it. I just recently added some more LOVE to our house too with some decor on the mantle. I think I'm keeping it up past v day...just because.

Katie said...

Your gallery wall looks amazing!!! Seriously. I love the gray and everything you did :) you're too awesome.

Erin said...

I am the same gosh darn way! I want a mantle just about as much as I want a dog. Okay that's a lie but it's pretty darn close.

This is why I put both my Christmas wreath and my V-Day banner thing in empty picture frames just like you. I love yours how you have both the wreath AND printables.

Jen said...

I love it, and love how you are making the most of your gallery wall. We do have a mantel, but our TV/cable box/xBox sits on it, so there is really no decorating going on there, so I feel your pain. I just got the Valentine's decorating bug, so I have been looking for some cute crafts to try. This is a really fun idea.

Katie said...

I lovvveeee how the frames turned out! And your valentines crafts look adorable up on your wall!

Melanie Montgomery said...

This is so cute. I need to do a VDay craft!

Allison said...

This turned out so cute! I love your frames on the wall with it too!

Danavee said...

LOVE that gallery wall! Great placement of frames!

k said...

ok, that is really cute :)

Because Shanna Said So said...

Sarah, this turned out so cute! I made a wreath like this for my mom in 3rd grade for Christmas. She still hangs it up every year! So, what I am saying is, this beaut is going to be hung up every year in your house for a loooooong time! precious!

Jennie said...

Cute! I love all the frames!

Heather said...

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