Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: Hardly Housewives

Feb 1, 2013

Floyd's Friends: Hardly Housewives

Happy Friday!!

Today we have 2 very, very special basset guests with us!
Caitlin and her adorable basset hounds, Fred and Tillie are visiting Floyd and we are so happy to have them here on Floyd's Friends! We love all of our Floyd's Friends (but all bassets have super special spots in our heart).
Caitlin and I have been blog basset buddies for awhile now and have shared many a basset stories via email over the past year or more. Floyd has told me many times he would like to venture our east and visit them.  And eat lots of Caitlin's delicious food (I mean, mint oreo truffles and buffalo mac and cheese? c'mon?!).  And supervise while she does her super cute crafts and 'homey' projects. And run around with Fred and Tillie, too, of course!

Happy Friday, TBC readers!  We are two very excited Basset Hounds who are happy to be visiting from Hardly Housewives today.  I'm Fred...

 and this is my pal Tillie...

We have been following Sarah and Floyd at TBC for over a year now and have extended an open invitation in case they ever decide to come East.  It seems like we all enjoy many of the same activities.

The life of a Basset is pretty sweet around here.  We spend our days eating snacks, thinking about snacks, drinking from the toilets (shhhhh), going on walks, playing outside, waiting for our humans to drop food while they're cooking, and general Basset-ing around.

We are both shelter pups.  I was adopted in 2005.  Since then, I've lived with my humans in Colorado, Seattle, Brooklyn, and our current house in New England.  Though I was very comfortable with life as an only dog, I was pretty excited when the humans adopted Tillie from a rescue in Tennessee last April.  My humans call her my "mail-order bride", but I just call her my best pal.

A note from the humans: Last week, we had lots of snow and Tillie got lost in the woods behind our house and was gone for 19 hours.  We went nuts.  I didn't sleep.  Luckily, a neighbor a mile and a half away saw her sniffing around her farm the next morning and called our local animal control.  We found her cold and scared, but safe and she's acclimated to life at home again.  Since there are lots of other dog lovers following TBC, I wanted to share some of the tips from our animal control on what to do if your dog is lost - HOPEFULLY none of you ever have to do this!

Reunited & it feels so good...
First, call animal control and your vet and report the dog missing.  They will let you know if anybody calls in or if they find your pup wandering around. (Alternately, call animal control if YOU see a dog that is out and about without a human - somebody else may be frantic with worry about their lost dog).  Armed with a leash and your dog's favorite treats, search your neighborhood - try calling the dog's name and a favorite word (for my dogs, it's food related - "treats!", "dinner!").  Touch base with your neighbors and ask them to keep an eye out and make "Lost Dog" posters to hang up and put into local mailboxes.  And don't forget to be as proactive as possible and keep your dog's collar updated with your latest phone number.

Happy Friday from all dogs and humans at Hardly Housewives!  Stop on by for lots of dog pictures, tasty recipes, and DIY projects.

See, told you they were awesome!!
I mean, they're bassets, what's not awesome about that?
Go visit them and say hello!
You won't regret it and I guarantee you'll find some delicious recipes and other tips you'll want to try!

Keep those doggies close, we don't need any more scares like Caitlin had!
I was in tears (sad then happy) reading about Tillie getting lost and, thankfully, found again!

Happpppy weekend party people, make it a good one!


Caitlin said...

Thanks for having us today! I explained to the pups that they were famous but, strangely enough, they're acting like it's a regular Friday morning... they're sleeping.

Annie said...

Oh my goodness...all the pups are SO SO cute!

The Other Side of Gray

k8te said...

such cute pups! i'm glad Tillie was found safe and sound, how scary!

Sarah Tucker said...

The pups are precious! A couple weeks ago I forgot to let Wrigley and Bailey in before we went to bed (I was exhausted and totally forgot, bad mom!) and at 1am I heard Wrigley whining. He was whining bc Bailey had escaped by digging under the fence. I was a CRAZY person running around the front yard YELLING her name...back to the back yard, YELLING her name, back to the front..until FINALLY that little girl came running from down the street and I was in tears! All of this was occurring while Chris was still sleep walking trying to figure out why I was running around like a crazy woman. When you think your babies are lost, So happy their precious pup was found!!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

These pups are so sweet :) I'm going to have to submit my dogs one day! Lilly and Taffy say they'd love to be bloggers!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Ahhh. So much basset love! This post makes me so happy. They are absolutely adorable ... and funny. :) Made my night.

C Mae said...

We recently updated Aspen's ID tag when we bought our house in August. Somewhere in Nov I got a new # which then made her ID wrong again...LOL but I was very diligent in getting her a new one AGAIN with the correct # on it for that just in case moment she were to get lost! Great guest post! :)

Mademoiselle S. said...

OMG your dogs are so sweet!! I really like your blog! Do you want to follow each other? Just let me know! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post :)

-Mademoiselle S.