Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up!

Mar 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

Let's focus on the good things that went down this weekend and not the snow, shall we?
#ijustcanteven #snowNO

Friday afternoon my mama came to town to spend the weekend with us.
She got to our house before we did and was able to surprise Floyd.
To say he was beside himself with excitement would be an understatement.
I cooked up a quick dinner for us; stuffed chicken, asparagus and sweet potatoes.
Saturday we hit the ground running all over Cincinnati.
Mom is in the market for some new furniture and I graciously offered my services and told her I'd give her my family hourly discount of free/hour.
We managed a good mix of furniture and clothes shopping.
We both lucked out at Kohls on a few items.
I'm slightly obsessed with this shirt I picked up.
(Don't forget the BLOGS10 code for 10% off online)

Because of the crazzzy snow predictions Mom headed back Saturday night.
Well low and behold, we woke up to 0 snow.

Sunday was a supremely lazy day.
Floyd and I did some treat ( peanut butter treats for him and sweet potato waffles for us) baking, worked with some new camera settings and cheered on IU.
Whoo sweet sixteen!!
Floyd and I also worked with my camera and tested out some new settings.
And, of course, worked on some blogging.
How was your weekend??

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Candice Williams said...

So nice your mom was able to come to town.. Sounds like you had fun!

Jess Casey said...

Your pooch is still just the cutest thing!

The Beckers said...

Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers! :)

PS: Our husbands are such girls when it comes to IU basketball. Halftime gossip sessions and all….

Caitlin said...

Sounds like a great weekend but isn't it the worst when you make choices based on when the Weather Channel gets craaaaazy and then nothing actually happens? The WORST!

Anonymous said...

Totally love the pictures of Floyd! How cute! I'm gonna try those treats for my pups, I think they will like them.

Found you on YOLO mondays. Have a great week!
Steph of A Geek In Glasses!

Joy said...

Oh Floyd!! I love that he is always a part of everything. And how fun to spend some time with your mom. And maybe snow is no more for awhile. Fingers crossed for you!! Sounds and looks like a great weekend!! Hope y'all have a great week!

Mandell said...

I just love, love, love weekends my mom is in town! What a bummer she had to leave a day early and for no reason after all, always happens like that! And aren't Sundays with a pup Live for them!

Just discovered this blog and anyone who's posts all have their dog as a relative theme is a winner in my book! Have a great week!

Allison said...

Sounds like a great weekend minus this crazy Ohio snow. I'm so over it!!!!!!!!

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Your meal looks amazing! Want to come cook for me tonight? :) Sounds like a nice weekend with your mama!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

My bracket is circling the drain, sister...shew. Though I do have Ohio St. picked to win. I couldn't bring myself to pick Louisville though I am cheering for them to win! Anyway, your food on Friday looks desish. Floyd seems to have enjoyed it!

Shelley said...

i can't believe it's the end of march and it's still snowing! ugh.
Floyd is such a little cutie! sounds like a fun weekend, especially since your mom got to visit. boo on the snow for sending her home early though!

Angie said...

What a fun weekend! That dinner looks delicious. Stuffed chicken just sounds good :)

Glad you got time with your Momma! I love Kohls but rarely get to go. Our closest is over an hour away

We have snow flying today- Not making me happy at all!

Holly said...

I am with you on this whole snow thing. Ugh!

But I am coming over for dinner ASAP and I love that shirt you got. Gotta love Kohl's :)

henning love said...

i would have loved to see floyd's face wen he was surprised to see your mom walk through the door. that friday dinner looks delicious, i am so glad that asparagus is in the stores right now and it is a good price, asparagus is a great veggie!

Katie said...

Brutus thanks Floyd so much for his get well wishes!

So exciting your mom was able to come down and spend some time! Saturday was beautiful to do some shopping!

So over this snow. Seriously! How did it snow LITERALLY all day today with no accumulation! Seriously it just needs to stop!

Head to Toe Chic said...

I love all the Floyd pictures! sounds like such a fun weekend with your Mom! Kohl's has been amazing lately.


Kait said...

HEYYYY BIG SEXXYYYY!!! Aunt Kait over here. Sorry for the delay in commenting, I was busy doing things like signing up for free dog treats. Surely you understand. I still love you. XO