Total Basset Case: Hound Heist: Favorite Treats

Apr 16, 2013

Hound Heist: Favorite Treats

Herro everybody!
Floyd here today but shhhhh don't tell Mom!!
She claims she's taking a 'blog spring break' but really she's just napping on the couch.
Since she's not keeping up the blog, I figured I would take matters into my own paws.
A good ol fashioned Hound Heist, if you will.
Today I thought we would talk about my favorite subject: treats.
Below are my absolute favorite things to eat (and the quickest way to my heart).

Peanut Butter: I think Mama has told you guys about my peanut butter love obsession.
Have you had it?! It's just the most delicious thing I've ever tasted.
I'm not sure why you humans would eat anything else.
FYI I prefer Skippy Natural.

Treats: Just plain and simple on this one.  I prefer Mama's homemade treats the most.  
These are my favorite.  Mainly because they take a cup of peanut butter in them.  And because Mama makes them in 'F's for me.  I'm very sophisticated and can appreciate a good monogram.
Hey, can't fault a guy for knowing what he likes. 

Chicken: This one too, have you guys had this?!
I'll take it any which way you want to serve it. Just the smell of chicken cues immediate drooling.
I reallllly like the kind they bring home already hot but I'll take boiled as well if we're in a pinch.

Antlers: My bone of choice has always been deer antlers.  I can't ever seem to make much progress with them but I sure do love gnawing on them. 

Popcorn: This one gives PB a run for it's money.
 My aunt Whitney gave me homemade popcorn once and I've been in love ever since. I'll do just about anything for a few kernels.

There you have it!
What are your favorite treats?

I'll be picking up the slack for Mama for the next couple of posts.
Hmrph, at least someone is working around here.


Kait said...

FLOYD I MISS YOUR FACE! Thank goodness someone is taking the reigns over here...Now, do you prefer butter popcorn or plain?

Casey said...

Froyd!!! Pierre here. Listen, I've never had one of those deer antlers before, but I must admit, you've peaked my curiosity. Have your people call my people.

Jen said...


My 3 pups would totally agree with you on all of your favorites! They especially can tell when the peanut butter jar is opening even from the other room! They also LOVE carrots! They are really crunchy and help when you are watching your figure in the summer time. Not that you aren't already perfect as you are :)

Danielle said...

Cute! Huck and Floyd share many of the same favorites...although Huck has never really gotten into antlers. He loves them for about an hour and then forgets about it until months go by and I finally throw it away! LOL

Casey said...

Hello Floyd! Has your mama given you little nuggets of lunch meat? (Ham, turkey, etc.). My poodle loves it. Get her to give you the goods!

Allison said...

Haha love this!

Sarah Tucker said...

Floyd, you're too cute! I think I need to make those treats for Wrigs and Bays.