Total Basset Case: Hound Heist: Lovies

Apr 18, 2013

Hound Heist: Lovies

Me again, guys!
Don't worry lazy bones Mama, I got it!
Nevermind it takes me about 4 hours to write one post with these chunky paws (lots of back spacing). 

Today I thought we'd talk about my favorite toys.
There's a ranking in my favorite toys but a tie for first place in my heart.
It's a toss up between Dino and NTT (Night Time Teddy).
NTT was the first toy my parents ever bought me and he stays in my house (crate) with me every day.
We've been together for a long time now.
NTT and I do a lot of important business together.
We have weekly meetings, inventory checks and interview potential new crew members.
We also love to rearrange our space and switch up the decor every once in a while.
We are very busy and so tired and snoozing by the time the parents get home in the afternoon.

Dino is my other #1 man.
Dino is the first toy that the Becker's brought me (they came to visit me the second day I was in my new home with Mama and Papa) and he's never left my side either.
Dino has had to go in for some surgeries for a few times, but he's tough.  I am always a very patient parent and wait right by his side while he's getting patched back up. It's been close a few times with amputations but he's got a great doctor and always pulls through.

My other favorite toys are ropes, tennis balls and of course, my chickies.
The chickies and I have become very close.
And, honestly, it's the least they could do after I've saved them all those times.

And those are my favorites!
I'm off to an inventory meeting with NTT!


Kait said...

Floyd, Mama and Papa knew from the very beginning you were going to be mischievous...look at that face!

k8te said...

hahaha oh floyd! i love that he doesn't (completely) destroy his toys. henry has ONE squeaky toy that remains from puppyhood and it's only bc it's this odd thing that he can't seem to get a good hold on. everything else has been destroyed and replaced a zillion times. "kong toys" mean nothing to a determined bloodhound apparently! ;)

Darby Hawley said...

OMG Floyd as a puppy has me squealing! You are so adorable Floyd!!! I love that you've taken over this blog while your mamma rests :-)

Jodi said...

Too cute! My basset had a toy rubber mouse that squeaked and she loved it! It was her "baby" and she would keep it w/ her all the time. We would tell her to go get her baby and she would get it. We had to hide it sometimes b/c she would get so crazy.

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

These are so cute! My shepherd mix tears apart anything soft in a matter of minutes, but there is one Greek donkey stuffed animal that she just carries around with her and sleeps with! It's adorable! Happy weekend to you and Floyd!

Betty said...

Floyd has good taste in toys! Dudley doesn't destroy his toys either...they really are his friends I think. He hates it when we put them in the washer...he will sit there and cry until they are out again. He's a sensitive guy. :)

Anne said...

Miss youuuuu! Hope you're coming back soon!