Total Basset Case: Hound Heist: The View from Here

Apr 23, 2013

Hound Heist: The View from Here

Rey guys, hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I know Mama has filled you in on how I'm the neighborhood watch dog.
This is a position I take very seriously I'll have you know.
 But today I thought I would fill you in what that entails and what I see everyday.

During the week, things are pretty slow around these parts and I don't post up until about 6pm, after I've had my walk and dinner.
On these days I usually see my bros from around the 'hood taking their parents on their afternoon walks too.
There's Jack the lab from down the street, Frank the German Shepard from across the street, Holly the beagle from next door (who is ALWAYS barking) and Charlie the Golden Retriever from two doors down.  Charlie is new to the 'hood so I've been helping him get to know everyone.  Mom is always talking about how cute he is.  We get it, he's a puppy, he's cute but what about me?!

And on a realllly lucky afternoon, Pepper walks by.
Pepper is SO pretty and always has bows in her hair.
I ruv her.

Now, weekends, those are really my time to shine.
That is when I see all kinds of action.
 This is when I'm able to catch up with my other dawgs from around the corner.
I have alllll day to sit on my perch and watch every single person and dog come up and down our street.
Dogs out walking their parents, kids on their bikes, people running.
Honestly, it's a lot to keep up with and puts a toll on my neck, but I know it's just part of the job.
What's that thing called...workdogs compensation or something?
I think I need to look into that.

And that's about the extent of what I see.
Mainly because I can't see any further down the street from my seat on the back of the sofa but that's just a minor detail.


Kelly said...

I get way too excited when "Floyd" posts... hahah :D

Kait said...

Oh boyyy Floyd you've really outdone yourself this time...

k8te said...

hahaha! floyd & henry would be the ultimate neighborhood watch team! henry sits at the window with his head whipping back and forth, quiet as a mouse.

Danielle said...

Floyd is by far the fiercest guard dog I've even seen ;) I want to see the puppy golden on your street! You should steal a picture of him...the owners won't think that's weird/creepy at all....

Ashley said...

Floyd!!! The best watch dog ever!!

Darby Hawley said...

hehe Floyd you're so cute! Your parents are so lucky to have such a great & attentive security system :-)