Total Basset Case: All Over the Place

May 20, 2013

All Over the Place

Phew, we had a weekend.
We were all over this city.
But first my weekend started on Thursday night when I helped host a 'Happy Hour Shower' with our friend Autumn for Bethany!  We had a fabulous time and I'll have a whole recap for you later this week!
Bethany must have read my mind because she gave me that adorable basset necklace with an 'F' on it.  I have not taken it off. I'm beyond obsessed with it.

Friday we went to a wine tasting in our neighborhood.
Reason 246 I love our neighborhood.
We had a great time and met some new friends!
Later that night, I didn't want Floyd to miss out so we shared some popcorn and I tasted more wine.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early and I decided to run the Go OTR 5k.  We've walked this race before and I really wanted to run it this year but there was originally a 90% of rain so I decided against it. Well we woke up to sunshine and I decided to see if I could make it downtown in time to run.  Talk about a last minute decision.  We made it with a few minutes to spare and I got my run on.
It turned out to be a great run, I was pretty happy with my time and Floyd and Mister helped cheer me on from the sidelines.
After resting up, Mister and I went to see Gatsby and out to dinner at Mellow Mushroom.
We thought Gatsby was really, really good. 
The manner in which it's filmed is very interesting and the costumes/set design are awesome!
 We didn't see the 3d version and I would definitely go see it again so we could see it in 3d.
Somehow we had yet to go to Mellow Mushroom- I'm not sure what we were waiting on.
We went with the Maui Wowie and that was a really great decision.
Now we just need to go back every week to try all the other ones as well.

How was your weekend?
Have any random outings?

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Kait said...

Floyd eating that popcorn is hysterical! Love that!

Liz said...

Dying to see Gatsby but I opted to take my mom to Star Trek instead! And how good is Mellow?! And now I have a sudden craze for pretzels :)

Casey said...

ahaha Floyd and his beloved popcorn. I saw a blogger who put up a recipe for popcorn drizzled with peanut butter (along with some other stuff) the other day, and I thought to myself that that would be Floyd's dream meal.

Sunkissed and Southern said...

Wine tasting in your neighborhood? I want details. Was it door to door type thing?? What a neat idea. Do share!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

Wine tasting in your neighborhood? I want details. Was it door to door type thing?? What a neat idea. Do share!

Candice Williams said...

Looks like a great time!!

Betty said...

Our dog loves popcorn too which gives me a great excuse to make extra big batches. :) Way to go on the last minute 5K!

Brooke Hamilton said...

I loved Gatsby! I was impressed with how well it followed the book. and of course the soundtrack/costumes/set was amazing.

Candice Williams said...

We saw gatsby last week too. It's one of my favorite books so I had high expectations.. I thought it was ok... My husband looked bored the whole time haha. I will agree though that the costumes the music and the way it was filmed was amazing! I think it's really hard to film that classic amazing book.

Sarah Tucker said...

I have to run races on a whim. If I think about them too long I decide I don't want to do it :) And ummm, I need to move to a wine tasting neighborhood!

Jordon said...

oh how I love Mellow Mushroom!! I am obsessed with the 1920's too! I have already requested Gatsby Halloween costumes for this year! Too soon..?

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

I love eating at Mellow Mushroom! We have one here in Lexington...though they do seem rather "mellow" there which, ahem, always ticks me off. Please get my drank, why don'tcha!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I love MM. Their buffalo chicken pizza is to die for.

Unknown said...

I want a neighborhood wine tasting. We've lived here for two years and still can't remember out next door neighbor's names.

Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

Allison said...

Aw your necklace is adorable! And I can't wait to see Gatsby!! Glad you enjoyed your first (and not last) trip to Mellow Mushroom. YUM!

Bri said...

Wine tasting in your neighborhood?? how fun is that?! How did that work exactly? That would be so much fun to do. And LOVE your new necklace!! Soooo adorable!

Erin said...

We LOVE Mellow Mushroom- we had it on vacation in Gatlinburg and also in Hilton Head. This weekend we're going there as part of our weekend anniversary celebration and I can't wait to have it again!!! :)