Total Basset Case: He Likes to Eat {Giveaway}

May 7, 2013

He Likes to Eat {Giveaway}

We all know that Floyd is a fan of eating.
I'm fairly certain that the promise of breakfast is the only reason he gets up in the morning.
So when Rachael Ray contacted him to test out their new Zero Grain Dog Food, I knew he would be a fan.
 And with my intense love of Rachael Ray, I knew I would love it too- the idea and product. I didn't actually eat it, just for clarification.

But before testing out the food, he had to give the bags a once over.
As much he loves to eat, he loves to sniff almost more.  
Even before seeing Floyd's reaction, they won me over with how well the food was packaged and presented to us.
'2 paaaaaws up!!'

Rachael's Zero Grain food is just what it says, zero fillers, grains or gluten.  
Mister and I have been 'clean eating' (more on this soon) so why shouldn't Floyd be as well?!
This grain free food is perfect for Floyd and his sensitive belly. 
Because of those issues, introducing him to new food is always a little iffy.  But with the high quality ingredients and zero poultry by products or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in this food, he has had 0 issues.  The food is also very easily digested.
That makes for a happy mama and and an even happier Floyd. 

And as promised, a few tails (pun intended) from Floyd's vacation while we were gone.  All, coincidentally, having to do with his love of eating.
(Floyd was boarded part of the time we were gone and then spent a week with Grandma for as well.)

Tail 1: Floyd has been known to get into a purse or two in his day.  So if you come over to our house we will automatically just put it in another room and save your chapstick and gum from the chunky paws.  Well, Grandma knows this and thought she was safe putting her purse on top and in the middle of her kitchen table.  Oh nay nay, Floyd, knows no boundaries when he sniffs out a purse and thinks he's in the clear from getting caught.  And as we've seen before, can have some mad hops when he wants to.  
Turns out he was able to get Grandma's purse from the middle of the kitchen table and knocked the entire thing over and dumped all of the contents.  Basically it was his hey day.  He managed to get away with a cereal bar and quite a bit of gum.  So he had a snack and then freshened his breath.  And then of course acted as if he'd done nothing wrong, which is his go to move.

Tail 2: Back at Grandmas- Grandma was feeding her dog Sophie one night and Floyd decided Sophie wasn't eating fast enough.  Sophie eats on a newspaper and Floyd knows he has to sit patiently away from her until she's done.  And he's learned that he can have her leftovers, if he waits patiently.  Well on this particular night she wasn't eating fast enough for Floyd.  He managed to sneak around Grandma's chair and under the end table to the other side of the paper.  He snuck a few pieces of food and then proceeded to bark at Sophie in an effort to hurry her eating along.  Spoiled brat!

At least we know that he's equal with his shenanigan pulling and isn't just trying to drive only us nuts all the time.

Speaking of, we were over at Pepper's house the other night for dinner and Floyd decided to help himself to a cheeseburger.  We were eating outside and Pam was done with her burger (there was about a 1/4th left) and it was sitting on her plate.  Apparently Floyd had been plotting his attack for a while.  He casually strolled closer to her, threw his neck up on the table, crocodiled the burger into this mouth and ran into the yard.  I didn't even get up to stop him once he ran because I knew it was a lost cause.  When he steals food like that, he can swallow it in record breaking speed.
You would think the poor child never gets fed and that is FAR from the truth...he's just a sneaky little basset!

And because Floyd likes to spread his love of eating, he wants to give away 1 bag of Rachael Ray's Zero Grain Food to one of his favorite buddies.
Just follow the Rafflecopter below and answer the prompt question!

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Giveaway winner announced on Friday!


Kait said...

Oh Floyd, I'm happy to know you continue your charades for every one. But your face is just too cute not to give treats to!

Casey said...

hahaha I love the howling photo! The story about the cheeseburger cracks me up - you know he had been planning that all along. Clearly he NEVER gets any food and he NEVER gets any treats...just has to steal them for himself or starve, poor thing. ha!

Allison said...

Rachael Ray has dog food? That's awesome! And I love Floyd's "tails." So cute.

k8te said...

ooh we're always on the hunt for new food for the hen, since we STILL don't know what he's allergic to! those hound noses get them in trouble. my parents used to have a beagle and it once snuck into a neighbors bbq and stole a hot dog from the grill!

k8te said...

just entered, henry recently started to LOVE apple slices. what a weirdo ;)

Joanna B said...

It appears that bassets are the same everywhere. You described what could be either Reggie or Lola's go to moves to stealing food!

They would love to try the Rachel Ray food!

Unknown said...

My dogs love any kind of food that isn't dog food!

Katie said...

Lol oh Floyd!! He is soo sneaky. It's his face. You think he's just snoozing but really he's planning something!

J and A said...

Love these photos! They should pay him!! Cruz loves a treat of cheese or sweet potato treats!

Pamela said...

Oh how stinkin cute!! When it comes to 'human food', Bentley LOVES bread!! As soon as you touch the bag loaf, he goes nuts! It's hilarious!

Julie @ Homegrown State of Mind said...

I have a doberman named Lily. She is a diehard counter-surfer and shameful begger of all food. Her favorite food is everything! Peanut butter and steak are probably her most favorites. Her most recent counter-surfing session got her raw chicken that was set out to be thawed. She got about a pound of frozen chicken and ate every single bit of it in about 1 minute of being left alone. The snag session before that included 4 sticks of unsalted butter. All 4 sticks! She is a mess! Floyd and her would definitely get along! Ha

Andrea said...

Okay serious question, how long is the wait-list to be Floyd's girlfriend? Stella would like a serious shot at it. What a handsome little gentleman :-)

Danielle said...

Huckleberry's favorite foods are hotdogs, carrots, and anything he's not supposed to eat :)

Vicki said...

Mojo (my pit bull) LOVES popcorn. It's her weakness. And Finnegan (my chihuahua) will eat anything! He always sneaks food when he thinks you aren't looking and he will eat anything paper because he loves to shred it all over the house.

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Both my dogs like to get in purses...nothing is safe! Taffy chewed a HOLE through TJ's backpack to get to a package of peanut butter and crackers. I used to buy the girls a certain kind of Rachael Ray dog treats but I haven't been able to find them anymore. I need to check Petsmart.

meme-and-he said...

great giveaway! I know my dog would just love this brand, I had been eying it for a while anyways!

The Beckers said...

Tucker has been known to eat a pie…or two. Oh and some doughnuts. Both Coop & Tuck love when Jack & Josie offer up their leftovers. But - they both eat Rachel Ray's food! We love it! I was excited to see your post about it.

Unknown said...

Floyd your such a handsome hound! I love reading about your antics :) My westie bestie's fave food is definitely bell pepper! Anytime we prep them he begs like a fiend!

Lainey said...

My Gatsby loves all healthy things but is so picky about others. For example Gatsby loves sweet potatoes and carrots and pumpkin. But hates things such as pancakes, bread, turkey. Such an odd ball.

keshakeke said...

Floyd you are too cute. My babies Cali Eyelashes, Quille likes to Parti and Ziggy Darren love to eat boiled chicken with sweet potatoes. They also love PB treats!

keshakeke said...

Floyd you are too Cute! My babies Cali Eyelashes, Quille likes to Parti, and Ziggy Darren love boiled chicken and sweet potatoes and the really LOVE Peanut Butter treats!