Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: Two Thirds Hazel

Aug 9, 2013

Floyd's Friends: Two Thirds Hazel

We are still chuckling over here about Floyd's neighborhood stroll.
We ran into the neighbors the other night and they said he just scratched on their back door (like he does ours) and they thought it was there dog so they opened the door and in he went.  They have a beagle with very similar markings to Floyd's so I am not surprised there was a mix up.  But STILL, he had the audacity to just go right on it!

I am sure that Erin is no stranger to you guys but did you know she recently became a big the most adorable lab puppy, ever.
I mean, just stop the cuteness.
Take it away Erin and Aria!
Oh my gosh guys, I'm here. Me, Erin from Two Thirds Hazel, on Floyd's blog. Uh...I mean Sarah's blog. But she doesn't really matter too much when Floyd is the coolest dog on all of the internets right? Kidding kidding, I love Floyd's mom almost as much as I love her baby boy. Especially because she was so kind to let me come play here for Floyd's Friends when I myself don't even have a friend for Floyd to play with. 
I suck, I know. But I do have a new baby little sister that entered my life last month who's cute enough to make up for it. She's technically my parents' puppy but whenever I'm home she's really mine. I mean I was the one that headed straight to Target as soon as she arrived to buy her a pink collar and leash (completely necessary). And I was also the one that had an entire camera roll of pictures within the first two point five seconds of meeting her.
But it was all for good reason because she's without a doubt the cutest little munchkin there ever was to exist. Don't believe me? Well just take a quick peek and you'll be converted into a believer. I promise. 
Meet little baby Aria:
My heart pitter patters every time I look at those two pictures of her. She's the most adorable ever right? Or am I just one of those crazy dog moms sisters that thinks their dog is the best chew toy in the doghouse and should be entered into every cute dog competition imaginable. I am aren't I? Whatever I'm fine with it. Might as well let Aria take over the rest of this post.
Hi friends, I'm Aria!
I'm glad you met my crazy human of a sister, Erin. She's rather obsessed with me and it's rather embarrassing. I don't totally understand why since I once chewed on her flip flop and accidentally pissed on her foot. But hey, she carries me around so I'll go with it. But if she sticks my face on Instagram one more time I'll catch a moth and stick it in her bed. Don't think I won't. I'm a pro at catching those suckers.
But anyway, I'm named after some little girl from The Game of Thrones. Obviously I don't watch it. I just sit on the floor and stare back and forth whenever something shiny moves across the screen. I could do that for hours guys, it's so fun. 
Wanna know what else I find fun? Sleeping. It confuses my brain how little you humans sleep. And why you insist on needing a bed and pillows and blankets and a fan and all that jazz. Seriously, just plop on down and get it done wherever you are. It's really not that hard (that's what she said).
Erin once told me she doesn't like when people put pictures on Instagram showing off their bodies and pretending not to. Actually I just read that in her post yesterday. But I'm not here to pretend. I'm here to let it alllll hang out for you guys. Check out that gut. It's like I fit an entire watermelon in there or something. 
Oh wait, that's exactly what I did...
Apparently you English speaking things have some saying where you like to stop and sniff the flowers. Did I get that right? Doesn't matter though because I definitely didn't enjoy it. But maybe that's because I ate it. Icky. Definitely not as good as watermelon.
Something that is good though? Beer. And by beer I mean beer cans. Come on guys, I'm not even seven in your puppy equation weird year rule yet. I don't drink. I follow the rules. Unlike Erin who can pound several of those nasty things. But here's my one word of advice before I leave you...if you're ever bored, just play with beer. It's really, really fun. Or so I hear. 
Paws out humans!

I can barely handle the cuteness.
The belly, the puppy breath I can almost smell through the screen and the sleeping's all just perfection. 
Floyd and I wouldn't be mad if Aria and Erin showed up on our doorstep.  

Not too mention Erin loves Floyd and his shenanigans as much as I do.
I can't wait for the day for his chunky paws to grace her life because I know it will be a match made in heaven.


Lauren said...

Love this, love Floyd & Aria, and you and Erin! I can't get enough sweet puppy pictures!

The Whitfields said...

That face. I just die! So precious.

Candice Williams said...

Too cute!!! My sweet Lou shih tzu needs to be friends with Floyd haha

Joy said...

OH MY WORD... I could snuggle and kiss on that baby all day every day. We had a yellow lab growing up, and he was my brother. I loved every minute we had with him for 11 years!

Danielle said...

OhEmGee! I just died a little. I want Aria in my arms!!! So cute!

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

My heart may float off into the sunset from cuteness. I'm not sure what that means other than this post is adorable.

Erin said...

Ruff ruff! Aria says thanks for having her. Oh and she wants to make out with Floyd...

Bri said...

Gaaah!! What I love even more than new puppies is there pouchy puppy belly!! So cute :)

Courtney said...

I still think the Floyd in the neighbor's house is hilarious - especially because he was okay!

Aria is too stinkin' cute, I love being a dog big sister :)

Amber Marie said...

Oh, hi precious puppy!! So glad you have a new sweet family, you adorable thing!

And Floyd! Did you enjoy your neighborly visit? Sounds like it :)