Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: Venus Trapped in Mars

Aug 16, 2013

Floyd's Friends: Venus Trapped in Mars

Guys we have a favorite here with us today and I am so excited!
I am sure Sarah is no stranger to you but the real star of the show is General.
I mean he's a handsome hound dog, we clearly have a love for those around here ;)

Plus Sarah is already a winner in my book because she has the best name ever and LOVES the Vols, which were my Papaw's favorite team in all the land. The man loved his UT Vols. And we know I like the color orange, so really this is a win win situation for everyone all around.
P.s. General may be giving something away at the end of this post.... 

Howdy y'all! I'm General Neyland. My mom blogs over at Venus Trapped in Mars. When Floyd asked if I wanted to come over and hang out with our tails out, I of course said yes. My mom has only let me use the iMac to post once before, so to say I'm excited is an understatement. 
Beagle Trapped in Basset Land is what I'll be titling this post....
But what if mom really let me have my own blog? What would I call it??
How much I hate my puppy sister
Bad to the Bone
Throw me a freakin bone
Paws for Reaction
Red Rover Red Rover
My Wife Was a Bitch
From Corndogs to Hotdogs, the musings of General
Waddup Dog?
Nah... I'll go with this one...
I mean, how hard can it be to be a blogger? My mom does blog design, so I've already got the hookup on that. Plus I've learned so much just from watching my mom blog these past few months... 
1. Take lots of selfies and strike a pose for pictures.
2. Publicly get annoyed with the opposite sex
3. Drink wine
4. Don't be afraid to be a Diva sometimes
5. Always have the channel tuned to Bravo
6. Send sexy snapchats
7. Master photoshop
8. Throw in the occasional #WhatIWore fashion post
9. Take trips so you have something to talk about on Monday
10.  Keep a sliver of mystery, it will keep the readers guessing
11. And finally, I know bloggers don't like to restrain themselves to round numbers like 5, 10, 20... so this list will have 11 items. Have a Bloggy BFF and go on lots of Blates. What do you say, Floyd? I'm on my way. 
Venus Trapped

General, please feel free to come over any time! Floyd can show you all the good sniffin spots in the yard. Or the best sleepin spots on the couch.

Today General is graciously giving away a $15 donation to the Humane Society (online donations only accepted) or SPCA of your choice AND a ESPN2 ad on Venus Trapped in Mars! General, you are a rockstar...I love how you are spending your mama's money!
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If you and your pup want to come hang out with Floyd and I in the future shoot me an email at: totalbassetcase{at}gmail{dot}com


Pamela said...

How cute is this!?

Allison said...

Haha this is awesome. I love General's blog and sexy snap chats. :)

Candice Williams said...

Way too cute

Cotton and Boots said...

This is just too much. General and Floyd set the bar so high when it comes to dogbloggin.

Karra said...

LOVED this post. You're hilarious Sarah, I mean General! :)

Susan said...

I don't understand why his blog isn't real. This is adorable!!

Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

So much cuteness! I think General really needs to turn that blog into a reality!

Leyla said...

Ahaha!Your dog is so cute!! :)

Only a storm in a coffee cup

Bri said...

ooooh need your own reality show..with appearances by Floyd..he will just let himself in anyway ;)

Because Shanna Said So said...

You two girls are too funny and I think both pups need to start their own REAL blogs!!! They would be instantly famous & then y'all could retire!! ;)

Unknown said...

I love his name! My Knox would approve!

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

this is the best doggy-blogger post hahaha.