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Oct 21, 2013

DIY : Dog Car Seat Cover

Laid back would be an over exaggeration of our weekend.
And it was awesome.
Friday we went to a wine tasting at Whole Foods and a bonfire with a friend.
Floyd only almost caught his tail on fire a few times.
Satuday Bethany and I ran 11 miles (wooo!) and that was about the extent of my day.
All that running knocked me out
For dinner, Mister and I tried out Lime really liked it!
Sunday was all about cleaning and errands...and picking up some fall goodies at Target that were on sale...for sure coming to a blog near you soon!

And now on to the DIY of the day! 
 Floyd sheds. A lot.
It drives me insane. 
In the house and in the car.
Hair everywhere.

So when I saw this DIY floating around, I knew it was a must for my new car.
Bonus points for it being super simple.
I knew Floyd would hate having the cover attach to the front seats and him not being able to get to us/chunky paw stomp on the console.
So with that, I switched the pattern up a little and made my to cover my seat back and seat bottom.  
I really didn't want to impeded Floyd's co-piloting.
It's a job he takes very seriously.
   Items needed:
4(ish) yards of fabric - this will depend on your car.  Measure you seat and back width and add a few inches on each side.
Sewing machine (you could do it by hand but just know it'll take a long time)
2 side release buckles
1 yard nylon webbing
Straight pins
Sharp scissors

Step 1: Measure your fabric. I wanted mine approximately 54" wide for the seat back and the seat bottom as well. 
Step 2 : Place the 2 front sides of the fabric together (so the 'bad' side of the fabric is on the outside)
Step 3 : Pin the fabric together approximately 3/4" in from the edge all the way around 
Step 4 : Start sewing!  Sew 3 3/4 of your sides.  When you get to the last 1/4 of the cover, turn the fabric right side out and finish the sewing by hand.
Step 5 : Measure the distance from the edge of the back of the seat to the edge of the headrest. Mine was 10". Mark that on your fabric, then measure the width of your headrest and mark the other side.  Do this for both sides of the cover.
Step 6 : Cut your nylon webbing in four equal pieces.  
Step 7 : Thread the webbing through both pieces of the buckles and pin the threaded webbing to the cover where you've marked the distances of the headrests.
Step 8 : Sew the nylon webbing + buckles to the cover.

Round up your cutest model for a demonstration!
'Now, Mom, where are we going?'

Any questions, ask away!


Kait said...

My question is why did big sexy still have to wear his leash?

Kayla Peveler said...

He is so freaking adorable. I love his chunky paws!

katie said...

ahhhh he's so cute!

and I love Lime, too!!!

Because Shanna Said So said...

His hair may drive you insane, but that sweet mushy face will win every single time!! :)

Bri said...

Oh how my car needs this badly. See Bella has black hair and I have black seats so that doesn't show really. However, what doesn show is the massive amount of white as snow fur that she has covering her entire BEHIND. Yeah. That shows really well. Haha.

Chelsea E. said...

I made one of these too! Walter would totally have nothing to do with the barrier between the front seat and the back. On the hair front, have you tried the "furminator?" It's quite possibly the most fabulous thing that ever happened to Wal's hair, and it's totally worth the price. I think it's like $50, but it pulls all the dead hairs out. His coat is a lot softer, and he's not shedding nearly as much, so less clean up for me! He loves it, and I could basically talk about my love for it all day long.

Mer in America said...

How much can I pay you for you to make one for me?! Sewing isn't on my list of talents! I have the furminator brush and everything but Lilly P. sheds like whoa. It was good seeing you the other night btw!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the doggy seat cover idea! And that photo of Floyd co-piloting between you and Mister is too adorable. :)

Betty said...

Oh how I wish I had seen this post a few months ago! We bought a seat cover for my cover that looks very similar to yours but it isn't quite long enough...I just might have to make a new one now--thanks for sharing! BTW...Way to rock 11 miles! Awesome!

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How far could I cover you to produce one for me personally?! Sewing isn't in my list of talents! I possess the furminator brush everything but Lilly P. sheds like whoa. It was good seeing you the other night btw!!

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