Total Basset Case: Thoughts While Running : Volume 2

Nov 7, 2013

Thoughts While Running : Volume 2

I thought I would keep this tradition up after my post last time on thoughts while running my last half.

This time was a new slew of crazy thoughts.

Bethany and I were excited to run with one of our friends for the race because she had completed a few fun races lately and we were intrigued for an update.  Also she's one of my favorite people to run with because she always has the best stories and keeps us entertained for miles.

Well we lost her at mile 3...and Bethany and I had spent the majority of the previous day together.
So many of our topics had been covered...but no fear, we never have a shortage of things to talk about. 

Mile 1-3 : life updates with our running buddies
Mile 3 : Our split was 7:53, whoa nelly, too fast! We knew we must slow down or I would die.  
Oh! A water stop, a little early for me but, hey, it'll slow our pace a little so I'm game.
*I then proceed to attempt to grab a water cup from a young girl volunteering and SPILL IT ALL OVER HER. I felt so bad, stopped to apologize and she just kept waving me one. Sorry!
Mile 4 : Feeling good, we slowed down a little...8:23ish.  Not a bad pace but still a tad fast for me.  Bethany was bound and determined to get me a PR and we were well on our way! Whoo!

Bethany once told me that she disliked 5ks/short runs because they weren't long enough to find her groove. I used to think she was nuts.  I finally know what she means. Anything less than 3-4 that can be somewhat brutal until you find your groove. I spent this mile telling her she was right all along :)  
Mile 5-6 : Discussion about some Christmas secrets I can't quite share yet ;)
But we were finally finding our groove and well on our way.
 Mile 6 : We are about 42ish minutes in and the guy in the lead of the race passed us, as in, he's already made the turn around and heading BACK. Crazy.  My mind was blown.  Teach me your ways, sir!!
Mile 7 : Oh water stop and I think I can see the turn around, the end (sorta) is in site.
Except the course keeps going and going and going. We were certain that the path to the turn around was NEVER going appear. 
Mile 8 : Phew, we are turned around and headed toward home. I can do this, only 5 more miles. I've run 5 miles plenty of times.  5 miles on top of the 8 I've already done, not so much but I've done it and that's all that matters.
Mile 9 : The worst mile the whole race. For some reason I lost my groove, couldn't catch my breath and wanted to just sit. I tried eating a Jolly Rancher for a boost of sugar, well that went south and fast.  There goes that idea.  Probably because I grabbed the blue raspberry and not the grape, everyone knows grape is the best.  
Mile 10 : I had to walk for a quick 30 seconds and Bethany went ahead.  
Time for my jams! I had been training my new Rhianna Pandora station (anyone else train their stations?) and I was ready to jam out for the last three miles.
And jam I DID.
Mile 11 : Over it
I can do this!
Over it
Only 2 more miles!!
Over it...
Mile 12 : (The finish line was in sight but we had to go past it and through a trail and back to it...)
This is ridiculous! Why can't I just be done?!
Sarah, you'll be done in less than 10 minutes and you can start thinking about what burger you want for dinner!!
Mind over matter!
A hill?! Who invented hills??
Mile 13 : I CAN SEE THE END!
Oh geez, do we really have to wind all the way through this parking lot to finish?!
Mile 13.1 : See Mister snapping pictures and know that I'm going to PR!
WHOOOO! Burger time!!

As you can see, an hour+ into running, my sense of normalcy goes out the window and crazy starts rolling in.
As much as I love running, there are points when I just want to be DONE but I know the sense of accomplishment I'll have when I'm done is just the push I need to keep going.
*Big thank you to all my friends and family for all their running support!


Kait said...

You. Are. Nuts. But I am starting CouchTo5K soon. Ugh I just hate that it will have to be on a treadmill! Bughhh

Lauren said...

Tooooo funny! Ugh. I hate running. I do keep trying to convince myself I like it. I've done couch25K like, three or four times, and after it's over I'm all "FINALLY. UGH"

Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

I can so relate to these thoughts! I'm so glad no one else can hear my mental talk once I start to get tired. My brain hops between "You are a running machine. You are rocking this race. Keep it up" to "I just want to stop! Everything aches! When is it over?!!"

Casey said...

You rock!!!! I'm so proud of you and that crazy PR!!! And I love love love that Kait is starting Couch to 5k :) I wish there was a way to tag people in comments...

Jen said...

You seriously rock! The most I have ever ran is a 5K and I kept calling it a marathon...ha! I always say though that my favorite part of running is being done :)

Caitlin said...

Haha these are great. That sandwich looks amazing, too. Now that I have my 5k under my belt, I'm moving on to a 10k and then finally a half!

Anne said...

Love it - and don't see it as crazy at all. 13.1 miles is a long time for your mind to wander, and whatever gets you through works :) I'm always amazed by the ups and downs too - once I've finished I wonder how I spent some miles wanting to quit, but those doubts do creep in... and moving beyond is how you get good and get awesome PRs like you did!

And what burger is this? Definitely looks like a perfect reward!

Anne said...

Yaaaayyy!!! So proud of you!!! Running is glorifying & horrifying all wrapped up into one. But in the end...SO worth it. Congrats!!!

Kelly said...

Haha, that sounds AMAZING!

Sparkles and Shoes

brooke lyn said...

have you ever watched the youtube video 'marathon thoughts' it is so entertaining.

The Lady Okie said...

Daaaang fast pace! So you did PR? Congrats on the race, lady!